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Mtech, Mtech Diploma, Mtech Admission, Mtech College, Admission 2022

India has the largest number of engineers as well as it is the country that produces the largest number of Engineers in the world. This country has the largest number of Institutions for the engineering program and infrastructure in the world. Check Mtech, Mtech Diploma, Mtech admission, Mtech College, Admission 2022 Here .

There is a wide range of colleges and universities in the country there are over 3500 engineering colleges, 3400 polytechnic institutions situated in the country. It is the country that produces around 1 million engineering graduates every year. India has been giving the best engineers in the world for many years.

In the country, less than 5% of the engineers produced by the autonomous institutes created by the acts of parliament such as IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) and NITs (National Institute of Technology), and the remaining that are over 90% of the engineers produced by the private and autonomous institute which are located in the country.



Master of Technology is a post-graduate degree program that engineers can opt for. It is a 2-year full-time program that deals with existing technologies and creates a gateway towards technical research.

Benefits of Mtech

Mtech or master of Technology is the most popular courses in India. Most of the students of our country have a dream to be the best Engineer. It is one of the most chosen courses opted by those students who want to be the best engineer and are eager to use their skills and experience in science and technology.

The duration of the Mtech course in India is 2 years which consists of 4 semesters. In our country, the ME-Mtech course is offered in many specializations. It is offered in various fields, candidates can choose a field for them as per their choices and interest. Some of the most popular specializations for the Mtech course are listed below.

Civil Engineering

Computer Science Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Every specialization has its own value, importance, demand, and future. The above mentioned are the major specializations and every major has its own fields some of them are given below.

Mtech Specializations in Civil Engineering

  • Engineering Structures
  • Construction Technology and Management
  • Water Resource Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering

Mtech specializations in Mechanical Engineering

  • Thermal Engineering
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Product Design and Development
  • Material Technology
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Industrial Safety Engineering

Mtech specializations in Chemical Engineering

  • Energy Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering

Mtech specializations in Computer Science and Engineering

  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Image Processing
  • Software Engineering
  • Distributed Computing
  • Information Security

Mtech specializations in Electrical Engineering

  • Power Systems Engineering
  • Power Electronics and Drives
  • Computer Controlled Industrial Power
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Instrumentation and Control Systems
  • Biomedical Engineering

Mtech specializations in Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Advanced Communication Systems
  • VLSI System Design
  • Microwave and Optical Communication
    Signal Processing
  • Power System and VLSI Design
  • Electronic Instrumentation

Some of the most popular and most opted specializations of Mtech course are given below in a piece of thorough information you can choose any of these for making a career in the field as per your interest.

Mtech in Information Technology

Mtech in Information technology is one of the most expeditious growing programs that is truly playing a fundamental role when we talk about the technologies. It is a program that totally based on forthcoming technology with the computer view and techniques. We can say, this is the course of the future that will offer us a package full of opportunities.

Mtech in Mechanical Engineering

In this program, you will learn all about the manufacturing, production, design, structure, etc. of the machinery or other technical equipment. As we know the technology is increasing day by day with the development of expert technocrats. For more advancement, we need more mechanical engineers.

Mtech in Mechanical Production Engineering

This program consists of the designing and installation of the equipment and the construction of the integrated system or the materials to help in increasing the production of technical goods and materials. This works on the examination and the complete maintenance technique of the product.

Mtech in Computer Science

Mtech in Computer Science is another one of the most growing courses that assist you to have complete computer knowledge and inculcates the practical skills of the algorithm, software, hardware, programming, computer language, etc. that is going to be the platform of the future career in every field.

Mtech in Mechanical Design Engineering

Mechanical design engineering program is really a great specialization to pursue for the candidates. You will be glad to know that, this is the course that will bring out the artist in you, in some way. This course spins around the modern world and the way to learn how to create, design, and develop things. This course helps the students towards the way of the modern world with an eye for creativity. The students, who have a profound interest in designing are best suited for this domain especially.

The course duration is for 2 years and will be having 4 semesters tied to it. There are many well-known and reputed universities providing this course with the best faculty member and experience. Students should have a worthy and thorough research before diving into any course or university.

Mtech in Electronics and Communication Engineering

In this program you will get to know about the machinery which connects electronics with the latest computerized communication technology. This program deals with electronic devices, communication equipment like transmitters, circuits, integrated circuits (IC), receivers, etc. This also deals with basic electronics, analog, and digital transmission and reception of data, microprocessors, voice, and video (Example FM, AM, DTH), satellite communication, antenna microwave engineering, and wave progression.

In short, we can say all of the applications that make our life easier and enjoyable like Television, Radio, Mobiles, Computers, etc. are designed by Electronics and Communication Engineers. The duration of this course is for 2 years and will be having 4 semesters tied to it. There are many well-known and reputed universities providing this course with the best faculty member and experience. Students should have a worthy and thorough research before diving into any course or university.

Mtech in Communication Engineering

This course is about the study of communication by using numerous hi-tech technologies to bring electronic communication devices. In this program, you will have five fields to learn as Communication, Health Communication, Organizational, Media, Government Communication, and identity.

Mtech in Biotechnology Engineering

In this program, you will examine the bioprocess of living organisms. By pursuing an Mtech in Biotechnology, you will be able to find out about human or agricultural biotechnology, antibiotics research, microorganisms, tissues, and cell culture. After completing this course you can get jobs as Quality Controller, Biochemist, Associate Engineer, Microbiologist, etc.

Mtech in Agriculture Informatics

This 2 year full-time program consists of 2 semesters each year is based on agricultural processing study that is dealing with food and the environment. As there are many problems in present-day agriculture in the country such as diseases, insects, soil, heat, pests, colds, floods, climate, droughts, nutritional change, and many farming challenges whether in the supply chain or natural disaster. By studying these issues you can be an Agronomist, Food Processor, Agricultural Scientist, etc.

Mtech in Structural Engineering

M.Tech in Structural Engineering is a specialized engineering program of the Civil Engineering branch. The main objective to offer this course is to produce structural engineers who have strong analytical skills to create a safe design. It is for aspirants who seek to grow in the design and construction industry on a higher pedestal. After pursuing Mtech in Structural Engineering you can get job opportunities as Structural Engineer, Site Engineer, Design Engineer, etc.

Mtech in Transportation Engineering

Mtech in Transportation engineering is a 2-year full-time program in which candidates cover all the transport topics such as road and transport administration, highway analysis and design, transport planning, road construction, basic statistics, and management.

Mtech in Bioinformatics Engineering

This curriculum enables aspirants to learn advanced subjects in computer and information science. Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field of science that is the combination of computer science, engineering, statistics to understand, mathematics, and interpret biological information. A Mtech in bioinformatics is a really difficult course to allow the aspirants to build software tool methods for understanding the biological data with the latest computer technical skills. With this course, you can make for a career as Medical Coder, Biophysicist, Pharmacologist, etc.

Mtech in Construction Engineering

Mtech in Construction Engineering is a specialized engineering program of the Civil Engineering branch. In this course, applicants will learn about project management, risk management, and management science. It will also help the students to discover the industry with real knowledge. 

Take a look at Mtech Highlights

  • The average fee of the course is between INR 50000- INR 300000 per annum.
  • Admissions to the course i.e. Mtech completes on the basis of entrance-based. However, some colleges in the country offer direct admission for the program in their institutions.
  • Students can choose Mtech as their study program to pursue Mtech regular, Part-time Mtech, Distance Mtech, etc.
  • In our country there are many specializations for the course you can choose as per your interest such as Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering and many more.
  • IIMT Group of Colleges is one the best institutions in India for the Mtech program.
  • The most popular courses in Mtech are Nano Science and Technology, Computer Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Civil Engineering, etc.
  • Some of the Top Job profiles post completing the Mtech program are Aeronautics, Operations Manager, Clinical Research Associate, Senior Business Analyst, Project Manager, Research Associate, Senior research scientist, Quality control, etc.
  • GATE, IPU CET, BHU PET, and TANCET are the top entrance exams in India for admission to the Mtech program.
  • A person who holds a Mtech degree has a huge number of opportunities in many fields like IT companies, Banks, Education, business organization, etc.

Best M.Tech College in India

Best M.Tech College in India

Engineering is the most popular course in the country most of the students of the country have a dream to be an engineer. Well, you can be an engineer post complete your Btech program but if you want to be a master in your field and want to do some research program also then Mtech is the best option for you.

Mtech (Master of Technology) is a two-year full-time program that is opted by most of the students in the country. If you want to enhance your knowledge and experience by completing the Mtech program and looking for the best college that can help you in achieving your goals and IIMT Group of college can be the best option for you or you can choose the college for the Mtech program.

IIMT Group of Colleges is located in Greater Noida in the state of Uttar Pradesh at plot no. 19 & 20, knowledge park III. The institute is well-known for its education standards with a vision to provide quality education for producing competent professionals.

IIMT Group of Colleges wants to produce highly qualified people who can use their skills to make human lives easier and modern. IIMT Group of Colleges is moving to the growth path in the field of education since its inception. The department of Engineering is started in the year 2005. IIMT Group of Colleges has now become one of the best institutions. It is a private institute that is awarded much time for its education standards.

Awards and recognition

The institute is affiliated with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow, and is approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). It is also accredited by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council), NBA (National Board of Accreditation), PCI (Pharmacy Council of India), and BCI (Bar Council of India).        

College IIMT Group of College
Location Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Accredited to NAAC, NBA, PCI, BCI
Approved by AICTE
Courses offered UG, PG, Diploma Course
Admission Criteria Merit based and Entrance
Contact number 7409936999
Official Website

The institute offers Mtech in Mechanical engineering, the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the institute started its journey in the year 2005. The Mtech program at IIMT Group of colleges is affiliated with APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow. The main focus of the curriculum of the college is to impart technical know-how to its students, innovation of new technologies, and promote the students’ problem-solving skills.

The institute has state-of-the-art research facilities to support academic programs and research. If you are thinking to complete the Mtech program as your core program and for this, researching a college you can choose IIMT Group of Colleges for your desired program.

Before choosing Mtech as your core program you should check the types of Mtech program

With the growing demand of the Mtech programs, colleges in the country have started catering to the different types of Mtech programs. Apart from regular Mtech, you can apply for part-time Mtech, Mtech distance also.

Course Eligibility Admission criteria Average fee
Mtech full time BE Merit based/ Entrance based INR 50000- 400000
Mtech Part time BE Merit based/ Entrance based INR 50000
Distance Mtech BE Merit based/ Entrance based INR 30000

Mtech full Time: Mtech regular is a full-time 2-year program complete in 4 semesters. It is a post-graduation program that is picked by most students.

Part-time Mtech: Part-Time Mtech program is mainly for working professionals who are not able to attend the regular classes for the Master of Technology Course. These students need to clear a B.Tech degree with a specified cut-off rate in order to take admission for Mtech course. Part-time Mtech program specially designed for those candidates who want to study with their jobs.

Distance MTech:

M Tech distance education course is a 2-year post-graduation program for those students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in technology from a recognized university. This online learning program replaces traditional classroom instruction. In distance learning education students study through online lessons.

The Working professionals will be benefited from Mtech program because being engaged in jobs you do not have the time to attend normal classes on-campus. The distance Mtech program will provide students with an in-depth understanding of the disciplines they learned throughout their bachelor’s degree.

Branches of Mtech in Mechanical Engineering

Given below are some of the most popular branches of Mtech in Mechanical Engineering that students you can choose post-completing their Btech program in Mechanical Engineering.

Mtech in Manufacturing Engineering

Mtech in Robotics

Mtech in Mechatronics

Mtech in Automobile Engineering

Mtech in Computer-Aided Design

Mtech in Production Engineering

Mtech in Industrial Engineering

Mtech in Thermal Engineering

Mtech in Industrial Engineering

Where to Do M.Tech?

Where to Do M.Tech

Once you have pointed your career choice to be an engineering, the next most important step you should take is to shortlist the best engineering colleges in the country. However, this is easier said than done. Even though India is a land of numerous world-class universities offering competitive Mtech courses in engineering, there are many factors that you must consider before applying to a college for your desired program. After all, choosing the right college or university to pursue engineering and technology can cover the way towards a good global career.

Here are some of the major features that a good engineering college must have. These features play a vital role in determining the student’s choice for selecting the best engineering college for them-

Some of the top things you should consider while choosing a college for admission are given below.

Does the college provide the course you wish to pursue?

Choosing a course for your career is not an easy task. The first step for choosing a college is, you should check the course details in the college that. is the college provide the course which you wish to pursue?

Affiliation/ accreditation of the college

After checking the course in which you want to take the admission, this is the first step to should take to check the detail of affiliation and accreditation of the college. You should check the degree offered by the college is genuine or not. Because it is essential to have the approval of AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) or UGC (University Grant Commission).

Is the college reputed?

Before applying to any college you should check the detail of the college. You should check the details of its popularity, if it is popular; you should check for which course and need to research for previous students and feedbacks. Because at the time of job placement, most of the famous companies visit the most reputed college for the selection of the students.

Is the fee at the college is affordable?

As all of us belonging to different classes of society and culture accordingly, we have a budget in mind while deciding on a college for our desired program. This is most important to check the fee structure of the college for your desired program is affordable or not. You should filter your list of preferred colleges on the basis of their fee structure. Because when you will join a college, the expenses won’t end after the payment of the college fee.

You have to pay for the day-to-day expenses of travel, accommodation, food and for the weekend exits, these should also be taken into your thought. So, we suggest you always go for an affordable option like IIMT Group of Colleges which have a reasonable fee structure for the students. But if your financial condition is limiting your choices, you should look up the scholarship programs provided by different colleges.

Does the college or university provide ample opportunities?

You are going to pursue a course in a college for a good job by which you can make your best career. For this, It is important to check the college provides employment opportunities to the students or not. Some colleges conduct placement initiatives and provide ample opportunities to their students. In this type of college, every year a variety of companies visit the college and give employment opportunities to the students. We advise you always pick a college that has a decent placement rate.

How good is the faculty member of the college?

This is again an important step you should take to check the faculty of the college. Because the faculty of the college play the most important role in the development of the students. You should check their qualifications, total experience and reputation should be taken into consideration before arriving at a decision.

We know that ‘What a teacher writes on the blackboard of life can never be erased!’ so it is important to check the faculty of the college before applying to that.

Where’s the college located?

Before applying to the college, it is important to check the location of the college is suitable for you or not. The colleges are located at the prime location or situated outside of the city. You should check how much far the college is located from your home or residential area, the nearby bus station, railway station, airport, etc.  Because if it is too far you will have to spend a lot of amount on daily basis to reach the college.

The campus environment and the facilities of the college

You will need to look around the campus carefully and the environment of the college. Sometimes, even when all is said it is right and the campus is very good, we might not feel entirely satisfied with certain college campuses. Everybody wants to succeed and grow in an environment best suited to them. But sometimes, what has worked for others, might not work for us.

So it is important to satisfy with the college campus because you are going to give a few years of your life to that. If you consider it, it will allow you to reach a decision that satisfies your interests. You should also make a note of the facilities provided in the college such as the laboratories, hallways, classrooms, canteens, hostels, internet facility, sports activities, and several others. This step would ensure you that you are reaching the quality academic experience which you deserve.

Focus on Co-curricular activities

If you decide to give a few years to a certain college for your desired program, only academics shouldn’t be the sole point to focus on. It is important to focus on the Co-curricular activities also. You should check the details of the college that are providing some co-curricular activities such as exhibitions, fest competitions, sports activities, etc.

Well we understand, the academic side should be given priority, but the students should have enough opportunities to discover their artistic side too. Hence it is important to check the details of the college.

Does the college provide an industrial visit to its students?

Industrial visits are truly a good way of making the students job-ready. It is important to check the college collaborations with different industries and does that college provides this facility to its students or not. IIMT Group of colleges has tie-ups with different companies and industries and they go for industrial visits regularly.

Laboratories and library

After your lecture, the next best teacher of a student is the library of the college and since an engineering field requires a lot of practical knowledge, laboratories play a vital role in gaining the practical knowledge. So, before applying to any college it is important to check that the college must have laboratories with modern and essential equipment.

Our decision truly has the ability for determining our destiny so decide wisely. Analyze the colleges as your interest and through the set of these above-mentioned questions or points and you will get the result. While logic is important, we hope the above-mentioned information will help you in choosing the best college for your desired program.

Now take a glance at the steps by which you can choose a college for your Mtech program.

The steps by which you can choose a college for your desired program are as follows:

Step 1: You should choose a Mtech stream for your career and choose colleges based on that stream.

Step 2: You should categorize the colleges of the region in which you want to go, based on the top ones, good, and average. By this process of exclusion, you can zero down the colleges.

Still, if you don’t succeed in choosing a particular list you can move on to the next step.

Step 3: You will need to list down your criteria. The criteria are the same as we mentioned in the above headings such as college distance from home, knowledge, and reputation of colleges’ faculty members, social life, student bodies, that placement record, and so on.

You can check the boxes which meet your criteria for the college.

Step 4: You can also check your eligibility for any scholarships or grants and benefits for you.

Step 5: You should take practice in place of a virtual tour of the college for understanding what is important for you once you join the college.

Step 6: You should avoid giving undue importance to a brand or we can say don’t give unnecessary importance to the brands. Try to look for a college that offers good education standards and meets all your criteria. You can then decide to go with your choice.

Step 7: If you want to admission to a dream college, you must have good scores to do it.

It is good to target the best college for your desired program but you must have the scores for getting in. So, you will also need to spend time only on those colleges which will admit you on your obtained scores.

By the above-mentioned step, you can choose the best college for your desired program!!

Now take a look at IIMT Group of Colleges in brief

•          IIMT Group of Colleges is located at a prime location at nearby the knowledge park in Greater Noida in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

•          IIMT Group of College has a highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty that is responsible for providing the best academic and practical knowledge to the students.

•          IIMT Group of Colleges is affiliated with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow, and is approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education).

•          IIMT Group of Colleges is reputed and well-known for its education standards in the country.

•          IIMT Group of Colleges has a reasonable fee structure for the best program that students can afford easily.

•          IIMT Group of Colleges provides ample opportunities for the students by which they can make their careers.

•          IIMT Group of Colleges has well-developed and well-equipped laboratories that are very useful to give the practical knowledge of their courses.

•          Co-curricular activities play a vital role in the development of the students and for the recreation also, for this, IIMT Group of Colleges focuses on co-curricular activities.

•          IIMT Group of Colleges provides a bundle of facilities to its students such as hostel facility, WIFI facility, sports activities, bank facility, and many more.

M.Tech College in Greater Noida

When you decide to admission to a college, you are deciding on a new home for yourself for the next few crucial years of your life! This decision demands your complete attention. So how do you decide? If you depend on the opinions of other people, you will only end up with the confusion of a bunch of ideas. So, for deciding on a college you should research yourself and choose a college that suited you, in which you can achieve your goals.

M.Tech College in Greater Noida

One of the best institutions of higher education offering this course (Mtech) is the IIMT Group of Colleges. IIMT Group of Colleges is one renowned institution known for its excellent courses. The institute was founded in the year 1994 and has been located in the areas of Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

The college is recognized by the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) and accredited by the NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) with a B++ grade. Hence, this makes IIMT Group of Colleges worth it, and students really deliberate going forward with it. 

There is a wide range of specializations for the Mtech program in India but if you want to make a career in Mechanical Engineering or want to pursue Mtech in Mechanical Engineering, IIMT Group of Colleges can be the best option for you.

The institute started its journey in the year 2005 with the mechanical stream. The institute has a state of the art research facilities to support the academic programs and research.

IIMT Group of Colleges Rankings

In the past few years, the GOC means IIMT Group of Colleges has been ranked by several ranking bodies. A few of the important rankings of the institute are mentioned below:

•          Ranked 78 for MBA/ PGDM by Times

•          Ranked 100 for Private Engineering by Times

•          Ranked among Top 100 B-Schools (MBA) of India by Times Group consecutively from 2017 to 2020

•          IIMT College of Pharmacy and Polytechnic has ranked as Silver Category Institutions by AICTE CII Survey

•          IIMT College of Law, Greater Noida ranked among the Leading Law Institutions of India by CSR GHRDC

•          IIMT College of Engineering, Greater Noida ranked among Top 50 Colleges in India in Placements by Times of India

•          Ranked among the top 100 institutions of India by CSR GHRDC Group consecutively from 2015 to 2020

•          IIMT College of Management, Greater Noida ranked among 75 colleges in India by Times of India 

Eligibility for Mtech in IIMT Group of Colleges

For applying to the Mtech program at IIMT, Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in science and technology such as B.Tech or BE from a recognized university with a minimum of 55% marks aggregate.

Candidates should have a valid score in State Entrance Examination (UPSEE), conducted by AKTU (APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University). 

Selection process

The selection process at the college is based on scores obtained by the candidates in entrance exams and previous academic scores.

Candidates can apply online through the official website of the college in which you want to pursue your course. Or you can visit directly the campus.

Document required for admission

10th Standard Pass Certificate and Mark Sheet

12th Standard Pass Certificate and Mark Sheet

Passport Size photograph

Valid scorecard of UPSEE entrance exam

Character Certificate

Migration Certificate (if applicable)

School Leaving Certificate

Domicile Certificate (if applicable)

Income Certificate (if applicable)

Category Certificate (if applicable)

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

A diploma in Mechanical Engineering is a twelfth level diploma course that is for dealing with the engineering field. As we know that mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering which applies the principles of physics and materials science for manufacturing, analysis, design, and maintenance of mechanical systems. This course can be opted by most of the students after completing their 10th. We can also say this course is a Polytechnic in Mechanical Engineering course.

The duration of the course is 3 years and deals with the fundamental concepts of engineering under the specialization of Mechanical Engineering. This Diploma in Mechanical engineering is equivalent to Diploma offered by the Technical Education System and is also equivalent to any of the similar diplomas that are offered by another university in India. The minimum time duration is 3 years and the maximum duration of the course is 6 years.

What is a diploma in Mechanical Engineering?

•          The course is about the study of mechanical parts and devices.

•          After the completion of the course you will be able to repair, design, and handle the Vehicle Engines, Engine or Watercraft, and Aircraft.

•          This course teaches you the concept of industrial equipment machinery, fluid mechanics, and Robotics.

Highlights of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Course Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Level Diploma
Type of Course Year /Semester wise
Admission Process Entrance and merit based
Duration of the course 3 years
Average fee INR 10000 – 1.5 lakh
Basic Eligibility 10th with PCM
Jobs roles Mechanical Design Engineer, Technician in the Airline industry, Mechanics, , Assistant Engineer- State Government, Mechanical Technician, Lab Assistant

Eligibility for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

  • Candidates should have passed 10th from a recognized board with a minimum of 55% marks in aggregate.
  • A relaxation of 5% is provided to the candidates who belong to the reserved categories such as ST/SC.
  • Candidates who passed 10th with an ITI certificate can also apply
  • Candidates should have mathematics as a compulsory subject in class 10th
  • Admission process for diploma in Mechanical engineering

If you are an aspiring candidate for a diploma in Mechanical Engineering, you can apply for the course in Private and Government College.

Every Indian state conducts an entrance exam for the course. If you want to complete this course with a government institute you will have to appear for the state-level entrance exam for diploma courses. If you want to admission to a private college, you apply to private colleges on the basis of your 10th marks, but some colleges conduct their own entrance exam for applying there you will have to appear for the entrance exam.

For admission to diploma in Mechanical Engineering candidates should follow the below-mentioned steps: 

•          First, you will need to visit the official website of the college in which you want to take admission.

•          You will need to apply online or fill in the application form.

•          The college authority will examine your application and will share a list of the selected candidates for counselling.

•          Selected candidates will be called for counselling process on a given date.

Who should study Diploma in Mechanical Engineering?

•          Aspirants who have an interest in studying engineering and related field can take up the course.

•          Candidates who want to make a career in engineering as a Hardware engineer can take up this course.

•          Students who wish to shape their knowledge of different topics of physics, and mathematics such as materials, thermodynamics, product design, solid mechanics, etc. should take up the course.

•          Candidates who wish to pursue a career as an industrial engineer should complete the course.

•          Students who have a planned career in robotics, aerospace engineering, and automobile manufacturing should apply to the course.

•          Ethical and passionate candidates who want to start their own business should complete this course.

•          Candidates who wish to get a certificate in mechanical engineering in a comparatively shorter period of time, and want to be job-ready should apply for this course.

How is the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Course Beneficial for you?

•          Candidates who passed their graduation degree or an additional management degree can find work in administrative and managerial positions in government departments or public and in private sector industries or do research in teaching also.

•          Diploma in Mechanical Engineering course prepares the students to go for various mechanical, educational, and related jobs. After this course, you can go for higher degree programs in respective subjects.

•          You will have also an option for technical sales/marketing or can work as independent consultants after completion of the course.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Job Types

  • Assistant Manager
  • Process Development Technologist
  • Clerk
  • Section Head
  • Electrical Design Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Technician
  • Assistance Professor
  • Trainee
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Junior Engineer
  • Lab Assistants

Take a glance at the list of top entrance exam for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

  • Delhi CET (Delhi Polytechnic Common Entrance Exam)
  • JEECUP (Joint Entrance Examination Council of Uttar Pradesh)
  • DCECE (Bihar Diploma Certificate Entrance Competitive Examination)
  • Jharkhand PECE (Jharkhand Polytechnic Entrance Competitive Exam)
  • HSTES DET (Haryana Diploma Entrance Test)
  • TS POLYCET(Polytechnic Common Entrance Test Telangana State)
  • AP POLYCET (Polytechnic Common Entrance Test Andhra Pradesh)
  • DEECET (Karnataka Diploma Common Entrance Test)
  • PJET (Punjab Joint Entrance Test)
  • MP PPT(Madhya Pradesh Pre Polytechnic Test)    
  • Odisha DET (Odisha Diploma Entrance Test)

Take a glance at the Entrance exam for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

The eligibility criteria for the course completely depend on the colleges or the universities as they conduct their own entrance exams for selecting the students.

  • There will be a total number of 100 questions for 400 marks in the question paper.
  • The examination will contain multiple-choice or objective questions with a negative marking system.
  • The entrance exam is conducted in both Hindi and English languages, and the total time is allotted to complete the exam is around 150 minutes.
  • Most of the questions in the entrance examination are purely related to Aptitude Reasoning, General Knowledge, English, Mathematics, and Science.

Syllabus for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Year 1

  • English
  • English Mathematics
  • Engineering Physics
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Engineering Chemistry & Environmental Studies
  • Basic workshop
  • Engineering
  • Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Physics Lab
  • Computer Fundamental Lab
  • Workshop Technology

Year 2

  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • CADD
    Thermal Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering Drawing
  • Theory of Machines & Mechanism
  • Fundamentals of Electronics
  • Engineering Materials 
  • Development of Life Skill
  • Metrology and Instrumentation
  • Professional Practice

Year 3

  • Thermal Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering II
  • Elective Subject
  • Industrial Design
  • Project Work
  • Computer-Aided Manufacturing
  • Tool Engineering
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Design of Machine Elements
  • Cost Estimating and Contracting
  • Power Engineering 
  • Computer Programming 
  • Project
  • Professional Practice
  • General Viva

Scope after Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

This course has the best scope for jobs and salaries in our country and abroad in several organizations in the private and public sectors. You can pursue courses for a short duration after the completion of this course like CNC Training, CAD/CAM Training, and Unigraphics courses. If you want to pursue a higher education course after completing the diploma course, given below are some of the options are:

  • (Bachelor of Technology)
  • Mtech (Master of Technology)
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  • B.E (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • PhD 

Benefits of Mtech

Choosing a path can be very difficult, especially when you are going to do a course in which you can express your creativity through still helping to make our world a little bit better and more efficient every day. A Mtech program can be the best option for the person who wants a field in which they can express their creativity for making the world better. You will find plenty of opportunities in the areas as per your interest.

When you have decided to pursue Mtech as your core program for making your career, you will be excited to know the benefits of the course. Now we will discuss some of the benefits to pursue a Mtech Program as your core program. Mtech is a 2-year full-time program that is opted for by most of the students after completing their Btech program.

As the course sound by its name master of technology, you will become a master in your chosen field after completing this program. Before applying for any course every candidate wants to gain knowledge about the benefits of the course and the reasons to pursue that program.

Below given are some of the reasons and benefits of the Mtech program.

When you have decided to complete Mtech program you will be benefited from various factors in this course. The institutions are provided education related to a particular stream of Technology which is selected by the candidates. This enables the candidates to get complete and enhanced knowledge about a particular stream of Engineering that will they choose to pursue, and makes them specialized in that particular stream.

Most of the world’s popular industries look the candidates with a master’s degree in their specific field in order to employ them as a senior and level. Most famous multinational companies such as Google and Microsoft also prefer the candidates who have completed their Mtech Program from a reputed institute.

Mtech after completing a degree in Btech gives the students many opportunities to get hired in reputed companies and they can earn more salary as compared to the students getting a job after completing their graduation in engineering. You can find jobs at the executive level in any reputed company after the completion of your Mtech program.

Pursuing a Mtech will not only add value to your qualification but also expands the career scope and job opportunities for your future. This degree will enable you to secure a higher position in a popular organization.

Higher education qualification

Incorporate world, skills, and ability matters to prove you and come atop of other competition? The most beneficial and straightforward method to do this would be to earn an educational qualification higher than your current program that is simply Mtech.

By just having a Mtech degree puts you miles ahead of the other competitors in this competitive world. Having said that the degree alone is truly not enough to carry to complete the end of the series for this, you will have to equally work harder in that regard.

For a better job

As we discussed earlier the corporate world operates on the principle of skills and values. So if you are going to get a post-graduation degree that is directed towards the mastery of your skills set, you have taken the right decision. After the completion of the Mtech program, you can get a better job as compared to jobs after the Btech program.

A creative and futuristic career

Well, we have discussed it in the above paragraphs, if you want to pursue a program in which can make your career by expressing your creativity also; Mtech can be the best option for you.

As an engineer, you will have to be inventive and creative in your thought process as engineers are problem solvers of the world. If you are like someone who likes challenges in life and at the work and wants to work in a field that is more skill-oriented, for this, a career in Engineering is the right choice for you. This is the profession that can make your career and able to make the best future.

By reading the above-mentioned benefits of the Mtech program, you can understand how this program or the course is important for getting a high-profile job or starting your own venture. There are many specializations for this program in which you can complete your post-graduation program and be a master of your field.

Career after Mtech

While several students often struggle to decide whether it is better to go for a job after the completion of their graduation and go for the post-graduation courses, the decision depends on the various factors and the goals of the candidates.

In this blog we are discussing the Mtech program and now will discuss the benefits of Mtech program. If you want to enhance your knowledge in the same field in which you have completed your graduation and want to make a career in executive levels jobs, you can pursue Mtech program.

The candidates who generally opt Mtech as a core program after completion of their graduation or Btech are open to a lot of opportunities and scope in many industries in our country and in another country also.

Pursuing a Mtech program after the completion of the Btech program assures the students some of the most popular jobs at the executive-level that comes with a very good salary such as Project Manager, Research Associate, Development Engineer, Senior Engineer, Construction Manager, Maintenance Manager, Researcher, Machinery Engineer,  and many more.

When you are seeking a career after Mtech you can go for some of the key options just after completing your Mtech program:

You can join an engineering college as a teacher

You can go for a research degree such as a PhD

You can apply for a job right after completing Mtech

You can start your own organization 

You can apply for a job of Professor in IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) and NITs (National Institute of Technology):

You can go for a career in the teaching profession just after completing your Mtech degree, but for that, you need to pursue a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) after completing your M.Tech in the area of your interest.

By completing a Ph.D. after completion of the Mtech program can help you to get profound job opportunities in some of the central and well-known universities such as NITs (National Institute of Technology) and IITs (Indian Institute of Technology). You can also go for entrepreneurship and can open your own educational institution after completing a Mtech program. 

You can get placed in companies with high Packages:

After completing your Mtech program in your desired specialization, you can apply for the job at an executive level. Some of the well-reputed industries regularly search for candidates with a Master’s degree to employ them for important IT industry jobs. Multinational companies are often keen-sighted to the candidates with an M. Tech degree for the job owing to their extended and creative knowledge base.

After completing Mtech degree ensure the students with the opportunity to get hired by reputed firms with ample amount packages as compared to the students getting a job right after completing their graduation in engineering. A candidate with a Mtech degree can generally earn up to 50k-60k per month as his/her starting salary.

Start your own organization

If you want to become an entrepreneur after completing your Mtech program. That’s really a great choice! A very few Mtech graduates aspire for starting their own organization. Yet the good news for you is, you will have enough support in terms of the funding and investments from many venture capitalists on the basis of your Mtech Degree.

If you really have the passion to work and have the nature of a fearless person along with the right business sense or can able to be a risk bearer, you can start your business to become a successful entrepreneur. Good Luck!!!

Pursue a Ph.D. Program

After completing your Mtech program you can also go for a Ph.D. or into the field of research. This degree deals with specialization in a particular branch of technology. 

As a Ph.D. degree holder is always respected and valued. If you want to enhance your knowledge in your chosen specialization and want to enter the research field, A Ph.D. program is the right option for you. By this or the Ph.D holders are encouraged to publish research journals and attend conferences as well as seminars to can contribute to the education and research domain through their knowledge.

Candidates can publish their books based on their research skills which can be benefited for the future generation in terms of enhancing knowledge.

We hope the above-mentioned and provided information will help you in choosing a career after Mtech program. If you prefer to do a job after completing your Mtech program you can apply for the below-mentioned jobs:       

Job Profile Average Salary
Software Engineer INR 5 – INR 6 LPA
Software Developer INR 3 – INR 8 LPA
Project Leader INR 5 – INR 11 LPA
Machinery Engineer INR 3.5 – INR 15 LPA
Maintenance Manager INR 4 – INR 10.9 LPA
Research Associate INR 5 – INR 9 LPA
Project Manager INR 4 – INR 18 LPA
Senior Engineer INR 3.5- INR 12 LPA

Mtech scholarships

Scholarships are the financial aid or support that is awarded to the students on the basis of academic achievement. A scholarship is something that a lot of students look into when they go to university or college for their study program. All universities offer financial support to their students this financial support is called scholarships.

Scholarships are provided to the students in many ways, sometimes a scholarship is a one-time check, and sometimes it is provided to the students in each semester. There is various type of scholarships provided to the students the most two common are need-based and the second is merit-based. The donor or the department who is responsible to provide the scholarships to the students sets the criteria for selection.

Scholarships are usually come from independent third parties, while the universities do offer them too for the students, this means the universities and the third parties that provide the scholarships are free to draw up their own criteria for qualification.

Some of the types of scholarships are given below.

Need-based scholarships

This type of scholarship is mainly provided to those students whose family income is very low and for those who do not have enough funds for their education in any way. Though considering candidates for such scholarships, the providers mainly check their academic performance. It is provided to only those students whose family income does not exceed a certain limit and those who are considered for the need-based scholarships programs.

Merit-Based Scholarships

This type of scholarship is provided to those students who are academically meritorious. It is the most common scholarship provided to students on the basis of their academic performance. This type of scholarship is mostly provided by the college or university in which you are pursuing your course.


These types of scholarships are offered by colleges and universities to highly qualified applicants. These scholarships are given on the basis of the academic or personal achievements of the candidates.


The athletic or sports scholarships are awarded to students who have brilliant skills in a sport. This type of scholarship will be available for those students who play the sport for college or institutions. The students interested in sports can attend the college or institute and play sports in the team of the college. 

For engineering students, many government and private organizations offer scholarships to deserving students. Some of the scholarships programs are listed below.

AICTE PG (GATE/GPAT) Scholarship

This scholarship is started to support the post-graduation student who qualified GATE/GPAT and admitted to ME/ MTech/ MArch and MPharm courses in AICTE approved institutions.

By this program, students will receive a monthly pay of Rs 12,400.

Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship Scheme

This type of scholarship is provided by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and it was introduced for promoting technical research studies and to motivate students to pursue doctoral programs.

The selected students for this scholarship will receive a pay of Rs 80,000 a month along with the other benefits.

Keep Smiling Foundation Scholarship for Engineering

This scholarship is offered by Colgate-Palmolive (India) Pvt Ltd and is meant to provide foundational support to the deserving and meritorious students but they may lack resources to pursue their dreams.

While there are various types of scholarships offered under this scheme, we are focussing on the engineering scholarship at this time, where the selected students will get a pay of Rs. 30,000 per year for 4 years.

Central Sector Scholarship Scheme for College and University Students

This scholarship program is initiated by the Department of Higher Education as a centrally-funded scholarship. It was started to help the students from economically underprivileged families. This scholarship is dispersed among 82,000 graduate and postgraduate students.

The selected students for this program will be received a pay of rupees 20,000 pm to meet their day-to-day expenses while pursuing their higher studies.

How to find a scholarship

  • For applying to the scholarships first of all you should visit the official websites of the university or college in which you are interested and need to check what scholarships they offer to their students.
  • If you want to apply to the scholarships that are provided by a private organization you have to visit the website of the organization and will need to apply with all required details before the deadline.
  • It is not advisable to choose a college or a course purely on the basis of what financial help is available but you should choose it on the basis of your interest. It could be a deciding factor when you choose to make your final decision.
  • You can fill in the scholarship form with all the required details and can submit it to the college campus if required.

Criteria and prizes for Mtech course at IIMT Group of Colleges (Yearly)

  • Topper of the University: Rs. 150,000
  • Second Position holder in the University Merit List: Rs. 100,000
  • 3rd to 5th Position holder in the University: Rs. 75,000
  • 6th to 10th Position holders in the University Merit List: Rs. 50,000
  • Students who secured marks 95% or above: Rs. 20000.00
  • Students who secured marks 90%-94.99%: Rs. 15000
  • Students who secured marks 85%-89.99%: Rs. 10000
  • Students who secured marks 80%-84.99%: Rs. 5000
  • Course/Branch Topper (Each Branch): Foreign Trip         

Mtech Admission 2022

The admissions at Mtech are done on the basis of merit lists or through entrance examinations. In some cases, universities or colleges take a successive group discussion or personal interview of the candidates after the completion of the entrance examination. Some of the Top entrance exams for Mtech are GATE, IPU CET, BHU PET, and TANCET.

Most universities or colleges conduct their own entrance exams for the selection of candidates. The following are the details of the Mtech admission process.

Mtech Admission 2022

Eligibility Criteria

  • For applying to an Mtech program candidates must have a Btech or BE degree from a recognized institution with a valid score in the GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) entrance exam.
  • Candidates must have passed graduation with a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate and should come from Mathematics, Science, Statistics, Computer domains or something equivalent to these.
  • Candidates who appear in the final year of their bachelor’s degree program can also apply for Mtech course.

Stepwise guidance for Mtech admission 2022

Step 1: First, you have to apply at the official website of the college or university in which you want to pursue with your valid entrance exam scores.

Step 2: You will need to fill in the application form and pay the application fees.

Step 3: A merit list will be issued by your selected college authority on a particular date for shortlisted candidates.

Step 4: When you find your name on that list, you will have to report at the college either online or by direct visiting the college.

Step 5: The final selection of the candidate will be done via your performance in the interview in, Personal Interview OR Group Discussion round.

Why Choose IIMT Group of Colleges for Mtech Course

Mtech Admission 2022

Choosing a college or university for your desired program is not an easy task. In this article, we discussed the Mtech (Master of Technology) course. If you are seeking a college for your study program that has excellent education standards and supportive faculties, IIMT Group of Colleges can be the best option for you.

The college is located in a prime location in Greater Noida in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It offers a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and research programs. The institute offers a unique and result-oriented program to the students. There are 14 institutes under the IIMT Group of colleges.

•          Institutes under IIMT Group of Colleges

•          IIMT College of Engineering, Greater Noida

•          IIMT College of Management, Greater Noida

•          IIMT College of Polytechnic, Greater Noida

•          IIMT College of Pharmacy, Greater Noida

•          IIMT College of Law, Greater Noida

•          IIMT College of Science & Technology, Greater Noida

•          IIMT Starz, Meerut

•          IIMT Academy, Meerut

•          Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College, Meerut

•          IIMT Boarding School, Meerut

•          IIMT Life Line Hospital, Meerut

•          Institute of Teacher’s Education, Meerut

•          IIMT University, Meerut

•          IIMT Engineering College, Meerut

The institute is famously known for its best education standards and highly qualified faculty. The institute is famous for producing the best leaders in different fields. As this is a private institution but wants to give the best knowledge to all the students of all categories, for this, the institute offers a reasonable fee structure and besides this, it also provides financial Aids to its students.

Making a career decision for your future is not an easy task. We hope positively, the above-given information regarding the Master of Technology Program will help you to choose your career option and also for choosing the best college for your desired program.

Note: Above Content is written by Admission Discover that is sponsored content for IIMT Group of Colleges. If you also want such kind of content please feel free to contact us on .

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