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Data Science | DS, DS Diploma | DS Admission | DS College | Admission 2023 | Data Science Engineering Admission Process

Data Science: The term Data scientist was created first in the year 2008 when large companies realized the need for data professionals who should be skilled in organizing and analyzing a massive amount of data.

Data science is now known as one of the most encouraging and in-demand career paths for skilled professionals. It is now an essential part of many companies and industries.

Data science is the field of study that deals with massive volumes of data by using modern tools and technics to find unseen problems. It is a subset of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and refers to the overlapping areas of statistics, data analysis, scientific methods, all of which are used to extract meaning and insights from data.

Nowadays, a positive data professional understands that he\she must advance the past traditional skills of analyzing large amounts of data, data mining, and programming assistance. To uncover useful intelligence for the organizations, data scientists should be master the full spectrum of the data science life cycle and have a level of flexibility and understanding to maximize returns at each phase of the process.

DATA Admission 2022

Data Science Live Cycle

The life cycle of Data science consists of five different stages, each with its own tasks:

Capture: Data Acquisition, Data Entry, Signal Reception, Data Extraction. The gathering of raw structured and unstructured data is involved in this stage.

Maintain: Data Warehousing, Data Staging, Data Cleansing, Data Processing, Data Architecture. This stage covers taking the underdone data and putting that data in a form that can be used.

Process: Data Mining, Clustering/Classification, Data Modeling, Data Summarization. Data scientists proceed with the arranged data and examine the patterns, ranges, and biases of the data for determining how useful it will be in predictive analysis.

Analyze: Exploratory/Confirmatory, Regression, Predictive Analysis, Text Mining, and Qualitative Analysis. This stage involves performing various analyses of the data.

Communicate: Data Reporting, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, and Decision Making. In this final step, the scientist prepares the analyses in easily readable forms such as charts, graphs, and reports that a person can understand easily.

An effective data scientist is able to identify relevant questions, collect data from a crowd of different data sources, organize the information, translate the results into solutions, and communicate his/her findings in a mode that positively affects business decisions.

The duties of Data Scientists can include developing strategies for analyzing data, exploring, analyzing, and visualizing data, preparing data for analysis, building models with data using encoding languages, such as Python, and organizing models into applications.

This is true that the data scientist doesn’t work solo. In fact, the most effective data science word is done in a team. In addition to about a data scientist, the data science team might include a business analyst who is responsible to defines the problem, a data engineer who is responsible to prepare the data and how it is edited, an IT architect who is responsible to supervise the original processes and infrastructure, and an application developer who responsible to arrange the models or outputs of the analysis into products and applications.

Courses available in Data Science

When you decided to make a career in the data science field and face confusion in choosing a course we suggest you choose it by yourself and pick any course in this field as per interest. Some of the courses in data science are given below.

Under Graduate courses (Bachelor courses)

BSc. Data Science

BCA Data Science

Btech CSE Data Science

Diploma in Data Science

Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science

PG Diploma in Data Science and AI

PG Diploma in Data Science and Analytics

Masters in Data Science

MSc Data Science

MCA Data Science

MBA in Data Science and Analytics

MTech Data Science

MSc in Data Science and Analytics

Data Science and Engineering

The graduation program in Data Science and Engineering trains the students to be skilled Data scientists. The importance of the course is on core data science subjects along with the related computational mathematics, statistics, and computer science subjects. The course introduces students to several application domains like business, finance, and healthcare in which data science can be used to make informed decisions. 

The main focus of the course

Data Science is an exclusive multidisciplinary union of Computer Science, Computational Statistics, Management, and Mathematics. This program involves data collection methods, designing enterprise data storage, and recovery of the data. The core subjects of data science focus on data analytics, predictive modeling, visualization, and analytics for data-driven decision-making.

In this course, students will be taught relevant cases studies such as knowledge representation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. The students can also study industry-specific, custom-designed program electives on blockchain technologies, data forensics, quantum computing, data privacy, data security, and algorithmic trading. Learners can also opt for a minor specialization in this course in either business, healthcare analytics, or finance.

Where Do You Fit in Data Science?

We know that the data is everywhere and spread out. A variety of terms related to cleaning, analyzing, mining, and interpreting data are often used interchangeably, but they actually involve different skill sets and complexity of data.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are the person who examines which questions need reacting and where to find the related data for the question. These people have business insight and analytical skills with the ability to mine, clean, and present the data. Most businesses use data scientists to source, manage, and for analyzing large amounts of their unstructured data.

Skills needed for Data Scientists: Programming skills (SAS, R, Python), mathematical and statistical skills, storytelling and data conception, Hadoop, SQL, machine learning

Data Analyst

Data analysts are known as the bridge the gap between data scientists and business analysts. They are provided with the questions that need answers from an organization and then organize and analyze data for finding results that align with the high-level business strategy. Data analysts are accountable to translate technical analysis to qualitative action items and efficiently communicating their findings to varied stakeholders.

Skills needed: Programming skills (SAS, R, Python), mathematical and statistical skills, data wrangling, data visualization

DATA Science 2022

Data Engineer

Data engineers are the persons who are responsible to manage exponential amounts of quickly changing data. These persons focus on the development, arrangement, management, and optimization of data channels and the infrastructure for transforming and transferring data to data scientists for querying.

Btech in Data Science

Btech Data Science is a 4-year full-time program for the undergraduate level that deals with the use of various techniques and tools of science to extract relevant data from a large capacity of data available. As this is a new course in the country and it is in trend and offering opportunities to the students for learning the techniques and skills for data extraction.

As this is a newly introduced course in our country, only a few colleges or universities offer this course which is why you cannot pursue this is a course in distance learning. In order to pursue this course, you have to complete this course as a full-time or regular course.

Highlights of the course

Level Under-graduation Program
Course Btech Data science  (Bachelor of Technology in Data Science)
Duration  4 years
Admission Process Merit based / Entrance Exam
Basic eligibility 70% marks in 10+2 standard
Average fee INR 2-3 Lakhs annually
Top recruiting companies Amazon, SYNTEL, Wipro, Capgemini, Infosys, IBM, HCL, TCS, Quick Heal
Job profiles after completion of the course Data Architects, Data Engineers, Financial Modeller, Data Analyst, Database Administrators, Clinical and Pharmaceutical and positions and many more

What Does a Data Scientist Do?

A data scientist analyses business data to extract meaningful insights. In other words, we can say data scientists are responsible to solve the problems of the world through a sequence of steps, including: 

•          Data scientists determine the problem before undertaking the data collection and study by asking the true questions and gaining an understanding of that.

•          Then they regulate the correct set of variables and data sets.

•          Data scientist gathers structured and unstructured data from many sources like enterprise data, public data, etc.

•          Once the data is collected by them, the data scientist processes the raw data and converts this data into a suitable format for analysis.

•          After the data has been changed into a usable form, it’s served into an analytic system like ML algorithm or a statistical model. This is where the data scientists analyze and identify the patterns and trends.

•          Once the data has been completely rendered by them, the data scientist understands the data to find solutions and opportunities.

•          The data scientists finish their task by preparing the results of the problem and insights to share with suitable stakeholders for communicating the results.

Syllabus for Data Science Engineer

The syllabus of data science includes 3 main components that are Big Data, Modelling in Data Science and Machine Learning. In these main components, there are many subjects included in it. The Syllabus of data Science Engineering is as follows.

Introduction to Data Science

Machine Learning

Mathematical & Statistical Skills


Algorithms used in Machine Learning

Data Structures & Algorithms

Statistical Foundations for Data Science

Optimization Techniques

Scientific Computing

Data Visualization

Matrix Computations

Experimentation, Evaluation and Project Deployment Tools

Predictive Analytics and Segmentation using Clustering

Scholastic Models

Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Business Acumen & Artificial Intelligence

Exploratory Data Analysis

BSc. Data Science syllabus

It is a 3-year under-graduation program that explains to students the basic foundational concepts of data algorithms, python programming, structures, statistical foundations, machine learning, and more.

Syllabus for BSc. Data Science

Probability and Inferential Statistics

Discrete Mathematics

Object-Oriented Programming in Java Machine Learning

Data Warehousing and Multidimensional Modelling

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Computing

Machine Learning

Basic Statistics

Operating Systems

Operations Research and Optimization Techniques

Data Structures and Program Design in C

Data Science 2022

Data Science Engineering College in India

There is a wide range of engineering colleges in India but as we discussed above data science is a newly introduced course in our country so you will have only a limited option for pursuing this course. If you want to pursue a data science course from your home you will have to choose a college from limited options. Choosing a college should not be a last-minute activity or a step done in haste. You should spend adequate time researching. In this blog, we will discuss some steps by which you can choose the best college for your desired program.

Engineering is the most popular course in the country most of the students of the country have a dream to be an engineer. Well, if you want to be an engineer in a data Science and AI field you should pursue a Btech program from the best college for achieving your goals. 

Btech (Bachelor of Technology) is a 4-year full-time program that is opted by most of the students in the country. If you want to enhance your knowledge by making a career in the technology and computer world, you can pursue the Btech program from the best college that can help you in achieving your goals and IIMT Group of colleges can be the best option for you or you can choose this institution for the Btech program.   

IIMT Group of Colleges is located in Greater Noida in the state of Uttar Pradesh at plots no. 19 & 20, Knowledge Park III. The institute is well-known for its education standards with a vision to provide quality education for producing competent professionals. IIMT Group of Colleges wants to produce highly qualified people who can use their skills to make human lives easier and more modern.

IIMT Group of Colleges is moving on the growth path in the field of education since its inception. The department of Engineering started in the year 2005. IIMT Group of Colleges has now become one of the best institutions. It is a private institute that is awarded much time for its education standards. The institute is one of the leading engineering institutes that offers a B.Tech Degree program with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI & DS).

Awards and recognition

The institute is affiliated with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow, and is approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). It is also accredited by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council), NBA (National Board of Accreditation), PCI (Pharmacy Council of India), and BCI (Bar Council of India).        

Highlights (IIMT Group of Colleges)

College IIMT Group of Colleges
Location Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Accredited to NAAC, NBA, PCI, BCI
Approved by AICTE
Courses offered UG, PG, Diploma Course
Admission Criteria Merit-based and Entrance
Contact number 7409936999
Official Website

Btech (Bachelor of Technology) in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at IIMT Group of Colleges

At IIMT Group of Colleges, this (Artificial and Data Science Engineering) program provide the skills to its students for performing intelligent decision based on data analysis. This program at IIMT Group of Colleges is not only aimed to provide the core technologies such as data warehouse, data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence but it also provides in-depth knowledge and input in the areas like fuzzy techniques, artificial neural networks, big data analytics and many more.

DS Engineering Course

The aim of the college is to prepare its students as ready for leading the industries by their skills and knowledge. As the data science course is very new in the market, it is started and firstly offered by the institute in 2020. The college is offering this unique and advanced program in artificial intelligence and data science to develop the students for facing a new challenging world and solving the problems of the people by their skills and knowledge.

Besides the Artificial Intelligence, Digital Image Processing, Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Video Processing, this program will be training the students in a range of exclusive courses such as:

•          Data Engineering and Data Visualization

•          Big Data

•          Stream Analytics

•          Biometrics

•          Dependable AI

•          Speech and Natural Language Understanding

•          Computational Neuroscience

•          Resource-constrained AI

•          Augmented and Virtual Reality

•          Social Network Analysis

•          Human-Machine Interaction

The curriculum of the course at IIMT also provides opportunities for exploring a number of trans-disciplinary specialization areas including socio-digital reality, robotics, language technologies, visual computing, intelligent communication, and AIOT (Artificial intelligence of things).

How can you be a Data Engineer?

If you want to be a data engineer or a data science engineer and want to achieve your goals by completing a course in this advanced field, you can achieve your goals by following the given steps.

Here we are providing a refresher of steps to consider to become a data engineer:

Earn a bachelor’s degree in this field: By earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science or data science, or a related field is a good way to train yourself in the field of data engineering. Through your study program, you can identify a specialty area in which you would eventually want to work in.

Hone your big data skills- The Employers in this field are looking for candidates with unique skills and with a strong command of software and programming language. So, you should develop your skills through practice, related projects, and continuing education.

Develop your skills in data engineering

In order to develop your data skills, you will need to learn the fundamental of cloud computing, database design, and coding skills as a starting point of your career in this (data engineering) field.

Coding: You should be proficient in coding languages it is really essential to this role, so it is required to consider taking courses to learn and practice your skills.

Common programming languages for this field are SQL, Python, NoSQL, Java, R, and Scala.

Relational and non-relational databases: Maybe you heard databases ranked among the most common solutions for data storage so, you should be familiar with both non-relational and relational databases, and need to learn how they work.

ETL (extract, transform, and load) systems: This is the process by which you will move data from databases and the other sources into a single source, such as a data warehouse. The common ETL tools are Xplenty, Alooma, Stitch, and Talend.

Machine learning: Machine learning can be helpful to have a grasp of the basic concepts to understand in a better way and the needs of data scientists on your team.

Automation and scripting: It is an essential part of working with big data simply because organizations are able to collect so much information. For this, candidates should be able to write scripts to automate repetitive tasks.

Big data tools: You know the data engineers not only work with regular data but are also often tasked with managing big data. Tools and technologies are evolving and can vary by company, but some popular are Hadoop, MongoDB, and Kafka.

DS, DS Diploma

Get certified: A certification can validate your skills, and when you will prepare yourself for a certification exam it will be an excellent way to develop your skills and knowledge. Some of the options include Cloudera Certified Professional Data Engineer, Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer, IBM Certified Data Engineer. You need to check out some job listings for the roles in which you may want to apply.

If you notice a certain certification is commonly listed or recommended, that might be a good place to start your journey.

Build a portfolio for data engineering

A portfolio is a key component in a job search because it shows recruiters, hiring managers, and potential employers what you can do. So, you can add your data engineering projects which you’ve completed independently.

You can start with an entry-level job or position

Many data engineers start off their journey by an entry-level role, such as database administrator or business intelligence analyst. When you gain experience in an entry-level job, after this you can pick up new skills and qualify for more advanced roles for making the best career. 

Where to Do Data Science Engineering?

Once you have pointed your career choice to be a data engineer, the next most important step you should take is to shortlist the best data engineering college in the country. However, this is easier said than done. Even we know India is a land of numerous world-class universities offering the new competitive Btech courses in Data science, there is a list of factors that you must consider before applying to a college for your desired program. After all, choosing the right college or university to pursue your desired data engineering program can cover the way towards a good global career.

Here we are providing some of the major features that a good engineering college must have. These features play a vital role to determine the student’s choice for selecting the best engineering college for their data science engineering program.

Some of the top things you should consider while choosing a college for admission are given below.

Does the college provide the course you wish to pursue?

Choosing a course for your career is not an easy task. The first step for taking the right college is, you should check the course details in the college. Because data science engineering is a new course in our country, most of the colleges in our country offer all the specializations for the Btech program but do not offer a data science major, so it is important to check the specifics of the college.

Affiliation/ accreditation

After finalizing the course and picking some colleges’ names in which you want to take the admission, this is the first step to should take to check the detail of affiliation and accreditation of the college. You should check the degree offered by the college is genuine or not. Because it is essential to have the approval of AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education), UGC (University Grant Commission), and NBA (National Board of Accreditation).

Check out the curriculum

While you are going to give a few years to a college for making a career in the computer and technology field, it is really important to analyze the curriculum of the college. You should go to the official website of the colleges in which you want to go for your career program and need to check the curriculum of the course.

A top and the best college or university will make sure that their course curriculum meets industry standards. To shorten your list, you should include only the colleges that offer upcoming and competitive programs in data science, machine learning, cloud technology, information security, and the Internet of Things.

The reputation of the college

Before applying to or finalizing any college you should check the detail of that college. You should check the details of its popularity, if it is popular; you should check for which course and need to research for previous students and feedback. Because at the time of job placement, most of the famous companies visit the most reputed college for the selection of the students.

Is the fee of the course affordable?

We understand that all of us belong to different classes of society and cultures accordingly, we have a budget in our mind while deciding on a college for our desired program. This is most essential to check the fee structure of the college for whether your desired program is affordable or not. You should filter your list of preferred colleges on the basis of their fee structure.

Because when you will join a college, the expenses won’t end after the payment of the college fee. You have to pay for the day-to-day expenses of travel, accommodation, food and for the weekend expenses, these should also be taken into your thought.

The average fee of the data science engineering or Btech in data science engineering program is INR 2-3 Lakhs annually if a college has a high fee structure from this and you are not able to afford that you can skip that college and move to the next one. We suggest you always go for an affordable option like IIMT Group of Colleges which have a reasonable fee structure for the students. But if your financial condition is limiting your choices, you should look up the scholarship programs provided by different colleges.

Focus on Co-curricular activities

Before applying to a college for your desired program you should check the facilities provided by the college. Because you will give a few years to a certain college and only academics shouldn’t be the sole point to focus on. It is important to focus on the Co-curricular activities also. Well, we appreciate, that the academic side should be given priority, but the students should have enough opportunities to discover their artistic side too. You should check the details of the college that are providing some co-curricular activities such as exhibitions, fest competitions, sports activities, etc.

Check College’s Placement Records

It is important to check the previous records of placement in the college. Because the main goal of the candidates to pursue any career or course is to find an abundant job after graduation. For this purpose, you should thoroughly check the placement records of the college. You require to check if the college has annual placement drives, and what percentage of the students they have been able to place in the best companies each year.

You need to try to find out the average package the students have received after completing their graduation from colleges in the computer science engineering industry. Well, talking to the alumni students of that particular college can also help you in gaining the right information about the placement experience that they had at the college.

IIMT Group of college is one of the best computer science engineering colleges in India. The college has all the amenities and markings that make it a great college for data science engineering. The course curriculum of the college is designed after consulting the experts of the industry to ensure its significance years down the line. In this Institute students will be benefited from workshops, industry visits, field trips, guest lectures, and seminars that are held regularly by the college. IIMT Group of Colleges offers 100% placement support to all students over annual placement drives.

Data Science Engineering College in Greater Noida

When you decide to admission to a college for your desired program, you are deciding on a new home and a new family for yourself for the next few important years of your life!!! This decision really demands complete attention. So how do you decide? If you depend on the opinions of the other people around you, you will only end up with the confusion about a bunch of ideas. So, for deciding on a college you should research yourself and choose a college that suited you, and in which you can achieve your goals.

One of the best colleges for Btech courses in Data Science engineering is IIMT Group of Colleges. Noida city is notably known as the learning hub of the state. A wide range of institutions and industries are located in this state and make this region an educational mark of the state. Students from all over the country and also from other countries have a dream to complete their study program in this region with help of the best college.

Well, we understand it is not easy to choose a college or university for your chosen educational program, but for getting the best knowledge you need to decide it for yourself. If you are thinking to make a career in a computer science field and want to complete a graduate program in data science engineering from the best college, the IIMT group of colleges can be the best option for your desired program.

IIMT Group of Colleges at a glance

  • IIMT Group of Colleges is located at a prime location at nearby the knowledge park in Greater Noida in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
  • IIMT Group of College has a highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty that is responsible for providing the best academic and practical knowledge to the students.
  • IIMT Group of Colleges is reputed and well-known for its educational values in the country.
  • IIMT Group of Colleges is affiliated with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow, and is approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education).
  • IIMT Group of Colleges has well-developed and well-equipped laboratories that are very useful to give the practical knowledge of their courses.
  • IIMT Group of Colleges has a reasonable fee structure for the best program that students can afford easily.
  • IIMT Group of Colleges provides ample opportunities for the students by which they can make their careers.
  • IIMT Group of Colleges offers a unique and advanced program in artificial intelligence and data science to develop the students for facing a new challenging world and solving the problems of the people by their skills and knowledge.
  • Co-curricular activities play a vital role in the development of the students and for the recreation also, for this, IIMT Group of Colleges focuses on co-curricular activities.
  • IIMT Group of Colleges provides a bundle of facilities to its students such as hostel facility, WIFI facility, sports activities, bank facility, and many more.
  • IIMT Group of Colleges is well-known for its perfect overall placement records.
  • Some of the top and regular recruiting or hiring companies at IIMT are TCS, To the New, Paytm, Wipro, Infosys, Webkul, Tommy Hilfiger, Amazon Web Services, Daffodil.

IIMT Group of Colleges Rankings and awards

In the past few years, IIMT Group of Colleges has been ranked by more than a few ranking bodies. A few of the important rankings of the institute are cited below:

  • It ranked 78 for MBA/ PGDM by Times
  • The institute ranked 100 for Private Engineering by Times
  • IIMT ranked among Top 100 B-Schools (MBA) of India by Business World 2019.
  • IIMT ranked among the top 50 B schools by Outlook India 2019.
  • IIMT College of Engineering has been ranked 6th among top private colleges in UP by Times of India 2020
  • IIMT College of Pharmacy and Polytechnic has ranked as Silver Category Institutions by AICTE CII Survey 2020
  • IIMT College of Law, Greater Noida ranked among the Leading Law Institutions of India by CSR GHRDC 2020
  • IIMT College of Engineering, Greater Noida ranked among Top 50 Colleges in India in Placements by Times of India 2020
  • It ranked among the top 100 institutions of India by CSR GHRDC Group consecutively from 2015 to 2020
  • IIMT College of Management, Greater Noida ranked among 75 colleges in India by Times of India 
  • IIMT ranked among the Top 100 B-Schools (MBA) of India by Times Group consecutively from 2017 to 2020.
  • The institute has been awarded Excellence in Training and Placement in the region, by National UP Education Awards.
  • The institute was awarded for the “Best Management College in Uttar Pradesh” by Times Media Research.

Data Science Engineering

Btech in Artificial Intelligence and data science at IIMT Group of college is a 4-year full-time program. The department of engineering and computer science at the institute is accredited by the NBA (National Board of Accreditation) and offers the new course Btech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science from 2021. The institute has state of a heart infrastructure and world-class facilities for the students.

The candidates who pass out from the institute are performing extremely well, solving the problems of the world by their creativity and learning and making the name of the institute luminous. Every year, companies that aggressively hire graduates include Wipro, Adobe, IBM, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Accenture HCL technologies, Paytm, Microsoft, Amazon, Tommy Hilfiger, and many more. The average salary offered to the candidates at IIMT is 4.5 LPA and the highest package offered is 12 LPA you can be the next data scientist, software engineer, machine learning programmer, etc.

At IIMT Group of colleges, it is committed to providing not only technical education to its students but also give the leadership qualities through which the students can create employment for others.

Eligibility for Btech Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

•          For admission to IIMT Group of Colleges, candidates should be passed 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized board with a minimum of 45% mark in aggregate with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as compulsory subjects.

•          For SC/ST category students should be passed 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized board with a minimum of 40% marks in aggregate with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as compulsory subjects.

Mode of Admission

Candidates can apply online by visiting the official website of the Institute and can register/log in themselves by filling in the required details.

Selection Process

•          Candidates will need to qualify for the entrance exam conducted by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU). This entrance exam is conducted by the AKTU for 85% of the seats at the college.

•          The remaining 15% of seats are filled on the basis of merit list. Candidates can directly apply to IIMT Group of College for this course as 15% of seats are allotted to the candidates on the basis of marks and merit.

Diploma in Data Science Engineering

The diploma course is mainly available for those students who want to do a job just after completing their 10th or 12th class. A diploma in a data science course is available at the PG level and is the most popular data science course, which is aimed at teaching the basics of data science courses at a short duration of 10 months-2 years and prepares the students for finding the right jobs for them.

The diploma course in Data science is a short duration course that provides specialized training in data science and data analytics that is issued in computational and biological sciences. As we know the need for data scientists and engineers is increasing significantly. In comparison to other professions is the fastest-growing career today as it is new in the market and makes this course unique in itself.


What is a PG Diploma in Data Science?

Data science is an interdisciplinary topic that deals with scientific techniques, systems to extract information, procedures, algorithms, and insights from structured and unstructured data, it applies the information and actionable understandings across a wide range of application areas.

Data mining, big data, and machine learning all are included in data science.

A post-graduation certificate in data science is a certification course that is taken by mostly professionals to enhance their knowledge and improve their skills sets to methodologies for utilizing the company’s analytical and statistical operations.

This course’s goal to assist students to build statistical programming skills that will lead their careers in business.

The 2-year Post-graduation Diploma in Data Science program teaches the students how to develop solid methodological foundations in analytical statistics, how to employ various methods, skills, and tools, and how to conduct statistical consultations.

After successfully completing this course, the candidates not only expand their working resume but also opens many doors to a variety of positions such as Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Business Analyst, Data Architect, Data Mining Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst, Research Analyst, Analytics Manager, and many more.

The main advantage of the course is you can complete this course with your current job and it can be possible to pursue this course online and offline as a part-time study for 6-12 months.

Objectives of the course

  • There are several objectives of the course some of them are given below.
  • The main objective of the Post Graduate Program in Data Science is to introduce members to the tools and techniques used for handling, analyzing, managing, and interpreting data.
  • This program builds a solid foundation in Data Science by covering industry-standard tools and techniques through a practical, industry-oriented curriculum.
  • The course helps in recognizing and analyzing the ethical issues in business connected to intellectual property, integrity, data security, and privacy.
  • It also helps in indicating knowledge of statistical data for analysis techniques utilized in business decision-making.
  • Students can apply the values of Data Science to the analysis of business problems.
  • Candidates can data mining software to solve real-world problems.
  • Candidates can apply algorithms to build machine intelligence.


Eligibility for PG Diploma in Data Science

  • As a post-graduation diploma in data science, the course is accessible as a path for the student’s speciality in Engineering, Management, and Science. The minimum eligibility criterion of the course is a 50% mark with a bachelor’s degree can apply for this course.
  • Some of the eligibility criteria that must-have in the students to apply for the diploma program is.
  • Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in statistics and computer programming like BE/B.Tech/MCA/ DOEACC/M.Sc.
  • Candidates who appeared in the final semester exam and are expecting results of graduation may also apply for a diploma course. However, they must need to submit the proof of completion of their all semester examinations or final degree when the course is completed.
  • On the date of counselling or admission, candidates will need to produce their original mark lists up to the last test of evaluation.

The entrance exam for PG Diploma in Data Science

Some colleges or universities conduct their own entrance exams for selecting the students and the other entrance exam for admission to this course is PG Diploma in Data Science and Analytics Exam and the Joint Admission Test.

Take a glance at the entrance exam for the PG diploma in Data Science in detailed

PG Diploma in Data Science and Analytics Exam

PG Diploma certificates will be awarded after completing the course including the mini-project. The candidate must pass each unit of the exam individually in order to receive a PG Diploma certificate.  

The minimum percentage required for appearing in this exam is 75%. Each module is worth 100 points. The following is the examination scheme for each module:

  • There will be a total number of 50 questions for 50 marks in the question paper.
  • The examination will contain multiple-choice or objective questions with a negative marking system.
  • There will be a negative marking of 25% for each question for the wrong answers.
  • In practice you will have to appear in the practical and viva session for 30 marks.
  • 10 marks will be provided on the basis of class performance.

Joint Admission Test 

  • Joint Entrance test is available to all nationalities like Indian and foreign. Candidates who are seeking admission to the academic programs which are covered by JAM must take JAM entrance test of that year. There is no upper age limit for the students.
  • JAM (Joint Entrance Exam) will be held as a computer-based online examination.
  • The Examination will be directed as an online Computer-based Test (CBT) in which aspirants will be offered questions in random order on their computer screen.
  • The examination (JET) will last in 3 hours for each of the seven test papers under it. All examination papers will be written in English alone.
  • There will be a total number of 60 questions, each value 100 points.

Candidates will be received the paper in 3 parts: A, B, and C. It is required to attempt all the parts. The candidate will get each section’s questions set of a different nature.

Section A – 30 multiple choice questions 

Section B – 10 multiple select types

Section C – 20 numerical answer type questions

  • The basic subjects covered in the test are;

Basic knowledge of Computer Operations

Familiarity with Computer Hardware and Software

Proficiency in general IT skills, such as Networking, Internet, Email, etc.

Reading Comprehension Skills

Mathematical/ Reasoning Skills

General Awareness

Career after PG Diploma in Data Science

After completing a diploma course in data science you will have plenty of opportunities for blooming your career in many fields. This course is in high demand as this is truly a new course in our country so it is time to join a course that is high in demand, so after completing this program you don’t need to search for the job because you can easily get the job as you have completed a course in CS field.

There are many job profiles after completing a PG diploma in Data Science some of them are given below.

•          Data engineer

•          Statistician

•          Data Scientist

•          Database Administrator

•          Data Architect

•          Data Analyst

•          Business Intelligence Analyst

•          Data Architect

Admission process for PG diploma in data science

Some colleges give admission to students for PG diploma in Data Science on the basis of their marks in bachelor’s degree. However, some colleges have their own entrance exam for selecting students.

The admission at PG Diploma in Computer Science will be done online and offline mode.

Candidates can directly apply to the college by visiting the official website of the college or visiting the campus.

They will require to fill in the application form that is available on the admission portal of the college or on the website.

How to Prepare for Entrance Examination?

To prepare for the entrance exams for Btech in Data Science, it is important to keep in mind a few things that will absolutely help in cracking the exam. A few of those important points are written below:

  • You should master the science subjects of your 10th and 12th class.
  • Prepare a timetable and follow the timetable strictly so that you can manage equivalent time for each and every subject.
  • You should download the sample and mock test papers for the syllabus.
  • The syllabus for the exam normally involves subjects like physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Therefore, you should prepare separate notes and register for each subject to avoid confusion.
  • You should give proper time to revision as well.

Benefits of Data Science Engineering

As we discussed earlier data science is the study of data. It is all about summarizing, analyzing, visualizing, managing, and storing data for creating insights.

If you are still wondering when, to begin with, this program, there is no better time than nowadays, especially if you want to become ahead of your peers. If you are looking for some more motivation or inspiration for this program, we are giving them some of the benefits of enrolling in a data science course.

Career Growth

As we discussed earlier, data science is a newly introduced course in our country, so if you are looking for a way to jump to start to make your career, you can go for this course. Even if you’re previously experienced in data science, a certification in this profession from an advanced data science course can still help you to grow in your career, will help you stand out amongst the competition, and will increase your earning potential.

It is in demand

The course is new and high in demand because data engineers are high in demand these days. When you go for the other course you have faced many challenges for getting a good job but in this field, you can get a good job easier than in other fields.

Data engineering is the strength of data science

Data engineers are known as the backbone of data science because these people act as multipliers of the outcomes of a data strategy, these are the person on whose shoulders data analysts and data scientists stand. So if you are thinking to make a career in this field or data science this is the right decision for you.

It pays well

When a student decides to complete a course he/she starts to pursue the particular course for getting a good job or for gaining knowledge for business. Well, most of the students go for a particular course and give their few years only for a single reason which is for making their career. So, if you chose data science as a core program don’t worry you will find a highly-paid job after completion of this course. This field (Data Science) can make your highly lucrative career. 

It is versatile

The course or Data science is versatile in nature in other words there are abundant applications in this field. It is used in health care, consultancy, banking, e-commerce industries, and many more.  You will have many opportunities to work in the fields as per your interest.

It can make you a better person

Data Science will not only provide you with a great career but will also be helping in your personal growth. In this field, you will be able to have a problem-solving attitude. In this field, you will solve the problem of many companies with your skills and learning, when you will face the challenges for solving these problems and after solving such a problem of data, you will gain an attitude that will make you a better person.

It will keep you updated on the latest industry trends

By enrolling in a data science course you will allow you to stay on top of the latest trends in the domain. In other words, this course will update you on the latest trends of different industries. As we know learning new skills is very essential when it comes to increasing your knowledge base. If you have other things on your plate, to rephrase it if you want to go for this course for other reasons such as a full-time job, it can be difficult to learn these things from multiple sources, so you should choose the best institution first by which you can enhance your learning experience.

As you can see from the above information data science is the field that makes a healthy and wealthy career. If you thinking to be a data engineer it is time to get enrolled in this prestigious course and time to take a step ahead.

Career After Data Science Engineering

While several students often struggle to decide whether it is better to go for a job after the completion of their graduation and go for the post-graduation courses, the decision depends on the various factors and the goals of the candidates. In this blog we are discussing the Data Science program and now will discuss the career option after the data science engineering program.

The candidates have started to opt for Data Science as a core program after completion of their higher secondary is open to a lot of opportunities and scope in many industries in our country and in another country also. Pursuing an Engineering in Data Science program assures the students some of the most popular jobs that come with a very good salary some of which are listed below.

Profiles Average Salary
Data Scientist INR 4-10 Lakhs
Data Engineer INR 4-16 Lakhs
Database Administrator INR 5-10 Lakhs
Machine Learning Engineer INR 4-15 Lakhs
Statistician INR 3-10 Lakhs
Data Architect INR 9- 18 Lakhs
Data Analyst INR 4 -10 Lakhs
Business Intelligence developer INR 5- 18 Lakhs
Database Developer INR 4-10 Lakhs
Business Intelligence Analyst INR 3- 9 Lakhs

Although we already discussed some job profiles and the average salary of some of the profiles after completion of the data science course, now we will discuss some profiles in detail:

Data scientists

A Data Scientist is someone who is able to extract valuable information out of the given data. These people explore various data patterns for measuring the impact on an organization. The main role of a data scientist is his/her ability by which he/she explain the importance of data in a simple method that can understand by others. After completing your course in data science you can be a data scientist who can help the people of the world with skills and knowledge.

Data Engineers

This is also a high-demand profession after graduating in data science and is usually opted by most of the graduates. Data engineers are responsible to build and test accessible Big Data ecosystems for the businesses by which data scientists can run their algorithms or systems on the data systems that are stable and highly optimized. These persons also update the existing systems with upgraded or newer versions of the current technologies for improving the efficiency of the databases.

Database Administrators

This profile is also in high demand, you can go for this after completing your graduation. The job profile of these people is pretty much transparent or understandable- these people are responsible for the proper functioning of all the databases of an organization and grant or cancel its services to the employees of the company as per their requirements. Database Administrators are also responsible for database backups and recoveries.

Machine learning engineers

These people are in high demand today. However, the job profile of a machine learning engineer comes with its challenges. For this profile, you will need to have in-depth knowledge of some of the most powerful technologies like REST APIs, SQL, etc. Machine learning engineers are responsible to perform A/B testing, building data pipelines, and implementing common machine learning algorithms such as classification, etc. well, it is hard to be a machine learning engineer but it is in high demand and by choosing this profession you can make the best career for future and can earn an ample amount of salary.


As the name shows, these person has a sound understanding of statistical theories and data organization. Statisticians are the person who are responsible for analyzing and collecting data by using statistical tools and their mathematical theories. Their role is to systematize and interpret data in an efficient way.

Apart from the above-mentioned profiles, you can also choose numerous profiles such as Financial Modeler, Clinical and Pharmaceutical Data Analyst, and many more. We hope the above-mentioned and provided information will help you in choosing a career after completing of graduation in data science.

Top Recruiting companies hiring Data Science Engineers

•          Cognizant Technology Solutions

•          Capgemini

•          Accenture

•          Infosys

•          Tech Mahindra

•          Wipro

•          Mindtree

•          Tata Consultancy Services

•          Deloitte

•          IBM

•          Amazon

•          LinkedIn

•          MuSigma

•          Flipkart

•          Myntra

•          Citrix

DS Engineering Scholarships

Studying data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and related technologies in the best colleges or universities might be an expensive affair. We all are belonging to different categories and standards, some students can easily pay the fee for their study program and some try for the scholarships for paying the fee, we suggest you, before applying and choosing a college or university you will need to check the details of scholarships there.

Besides your job security and high-paying positions, this field is also an inherently interesting career path and can provide value to many organizations like for-profit, non-profit, research, and across industries. Even with the most qualified data scientists bringing in pretty high salaries, higher education can be expensive. Fortunately for these aspiring data professionals, there is a number of data science scholarships out there.

While there are a lot of sources available on the courses that you can opt for in Data Science. It is hard to find the exact information of particular scholarships as they are variant in nature, in this article, we’ve compiled some data science scholarships that are open to the general public or you can apply for the below-mentioned scholarships for financial help.

Scholarships in India

Need-based scholarships

Need-based scholarships are the type of scholarship that is mainly provided to those students whose family income is very low and for those who do not have enough funds for their education in any way. Though considering candidates for such scholarships, the providers mainly check their academic performance. It is provided to only those students whose family income does not exceed a certain limit and those who are considered for the need-based scholarships programs.

Merit-Based Scholarships

The Merit-based scholarship is provided to students who are academically meritorious and are very good in academics. It is the most common scholarship provided to students on the basis of their academic performance. This type of scholarship is mostly provided by the college or university in which you are pursuing your desired course.


College-specific scholarships are offered by colleges and universities to highly qualified applicants. These scholarships are given on the basis of the academic or personal achievements of the candidates.


Athletic or sports scholarships are awarded to students who have excellent skills in a sport. This type of scholarship will be provided for those students who play the sport for college or institutions. It is given to an individual or the student to attend a university or college mainly based on their ability to play in a particular sport.

Some of the other scholarships for data science students are given below:

•          Reliance Foundation Scholarships

•          UpGrad Scholarship

•          INSOFE Big Data Scholarship

IIMT Group of Colleges is one of the best institutes that distributes around INR 3 crores for scholarships every year to its academic achievement holders and to those students who are the toppers of their particular courses and departments.

Criteria and prizes for DSE course at IIMT Group of Colleges (Yearly)

  • Topper of the University: Rs. 150,000
  • Second Position holder in the University Merit List: Rs. 100,000
  • 3rd to 5th Position holder in the University: Rs. 75,000
  • 6th to 10th Position holders in the University Merit List: Rs. 50,000
  • Students who secured marks 95% or above: Rs. 20000
  • Students who secured marks 90%-94.99%: Rs. 15000
  • Students who secured marks 85%-89.99%: Rs. 10000
  • Students who secured marks 80%-84.99%: Rs. 5000
  • Course/Branch Topper (Each Branch): Foreign Trip         

Data Science Engineering Admission 2023

The admissions at Btech in data science

The admissions at Data Science engineering or Btech in Data Science are done on the basis of merit lists or through entrance examinations. In some cases, universities or colleges take a successive group discussions or personal interviews of the candidates after the completion of the entrance examination. Some of the Top entrance exams for Btech in Data Science are NPAT, JEE Advanced, JEE Main, etc.

Most universities or colleges conduct their own entrance exams for the selection of candidates. The following are the details of the Btech in Data Science admission process.

Btech Data Science Admission 2023

Eligibility Criteria

  • For applying to a Btech Data Science program candidates must have passed 10+2 with a minimum of 70% marks in aggregate and a minimum of 50% marks in mathematics subject.
  • Candidates should have a valid score in the entrance exam for applying to any college.

Stepwise guidance for Data Science engineering admission

Step 1: First, you have to visit the official website of the college or university in which you want to pursue your desired program with your valid entrance exam scores.

Step 2: You will need to fill in the application form and pay the application fees.

Step 3: A merit list will be issued by your selected college authority on a particular date for shortlisted candidates.

Step 4: After finding your name on the merit list, you will have to report at the college either online or by direct visiting the college.

Step 5: The final selection of the candidate will be done via your performance in the interview in, Personal Interview, or Group Discussion round.

Document required for admission

10th Standard Pass Certificate and Mark Sheet

12th Standard Pass Certificate and Mark Sheet

Passport Size photograph

Valid scorecard of entrance exam

Character Certificate

Migration Certificate (if applicable)

School Leaving Certificate

Domicile Certificate (if applicable)

Income Certificate (if applicable)

Category Certificate (if applicable)

DATA Scientist

Why Choose IIMT Group of Colleges for DS Engineering Course

Choosing a college or university for your desired program is not an easy task. In this article, we discussed Data Science engineering. If you are seeking a college for your study program that has excellent education standards and supportive faculties, IIMT Group of Colleges can be the best option for you. The institute is a trustable education institute for most students, parents, and education seekers.

The college is located in a prime location in Greater Noida in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It offers a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and research programs. The institute offers a unique and result-oriented program to the students. There are 14 institutes under the IIMT Group of colleges.

•          Institutes under IIMT Group of Colleges

•          IIMT College of Engineering, Greater Noida

•          IIMT College of Management, Greater Noida

•          IIMT College of Polytechnic, Greater Noida

•          IIMT College of Pharmacy, Greater Noida

•          IIMT College of Law, Greater Noida

•          IIMT College of Science & Technology, Greater Noida

•          IIMT Starz, Meerut

•          IIMT Academy, Meerut

•          Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College, Meerut

•          IIMT Boarding School, Meerut

•          IIMT Life Line Hospital, Meerut

•          Institute of Teacher’s Education, Meerut

•          IIMT University, Meerut

•          IIMT Engineering College, Meerut

The institute is famously known for its best education standards and highly qualified faculty. The institute is famous for producing the best leaders in different fields. As this is a private institution but wants to give the best knowledge to all the students of all categories, for this, the institute offers a reasonable fee structure and besides this, it also provides financial Aids to its students.

The institute is one of the leading engineering institutes that offers a B.Tech Degree program with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI & DS). Students who are seeking a college for data science and AI that provides the best knowledge and helps its students to their career path IIMT Group of colleges can be the best option for them.

Making a career decision for your bright future is not an easy task. It is very difficult to choose a career course for making a bright future. We hope positively, the above-given information regarding the Data Science Engineering Program will help you to choose your career option and also for choosing the best college for your desired program.

Note: The above content is written by Admission Discover as sponsored content for the IIMT Group of Colleges.  If you also want such kind of content please feel free to contact us at .







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