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BJMC,BJMC Admission 2023,BJMC College

BJMC, BJMC Course,BJMC admission,BJMC College,Admission 2023

By emerging the media scenario around the world, a course like journalism and mass communication can only strengthen the growing needs of a media organization. This course is a perfect combination of theoretical and practical components. 

If you love writing…. If you have an interest in news reporting…if you have always been fascinated by the news or journal industry…..

You can consider pursuing journalism after the completion of your 12th score.

As it is a full-time three-year duration course that intends to give a real picture of media in civil society. Candidates who have a dream to make their career in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication can pursue a BJMC course to get their dream job.

A career in this field is really lucrative in our country because the industry belongs to this group i.e. media and entertainment industry is expected to grow by around 13%. So if you are thinking to make your career in this field, it is the right time for you.

You will be glad to know that there are plenty of job opportunities after this course, as our country India is the second-largest consumer of the News Paper in the world with over 400 News Channels. This shows you will have a bundle of job opportunities after the completion of this course. 

Take a look at the BJMC Course Details

Course BJMC
Full form Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication
Duration of the course Mainly 3 years
Employment role after the course Film / Video Editor, Content Writer, Senior Copywriter, Content Marketing Manager, Editors, Graphic Designer, Assistant Marketing Manager and many more
Average fee INR 2-4 lakh
Average salary INR 4 lakh
Eligibility 12th or equivalent
Admission Process Entrance and merit-based
BJMC | BJMC Admission 2023

What are BJMC Degrees and specializations?

BJMC is an under-graduation course that imparts knowledge about journalism and mass communication. In India, there are many colleges that are known for their BJMC courses. The media industry in our country is growing quickly many youths are seeking their career in this industry but are still confused as to choose which specialization is best for them.

With the BJMC degree, candidates can get specializations in various fields. In this article, we will discuss the BJMC specializations, which are available for the candidates and which can be better among them.

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There are various specializations of the BJMC course, we have discussed the 5 best specializations for the course.

Electronic media

In this specialization, you will get the knowledge and training of electronic media. As this name sounds like you will be trained for media in this specialization. You will be trained in news reading, reporting, and more communication skills.

The categories are available under this are the areas like TV, Radio, and online are included. However, this is the best field only for the candidates who have better communication skills, and also reading skills. Because it is necessary to have a good command over one language under this specialization.

By this you can get a chance to work with media houses in India and as well as overseas such as ABP News, India Today, News Nation, and other top media houses.

Therefore, you should go for this specialization in the following cases:

•          Aspirants who have a genuine interest in TV reporting and are eager to achieve fame in this industry.

•          Aspirants who can do field reporting also.

•          Aspirants who have an interest in the radio sector of this industry.

Print Media

Another popular specialization of this course is Print Media. In this specialization, you will get the knowledge about working of the print media.  

It includes publishing, content writing for the newspaper, and principles of the print media. You will be trained in the areas like newspapers, magazines, and journals in this section. You can get opportunities by this specialization in the area like Navbharat Times, Hindustan Times, and many more.

Therefore, this specialization is best for the candidates who are interested in the following points:

•          If you have a great command of language and have great writing skills.

•          If you do not want much fame as electronic media in terms of face recognition.

•          If you have a genuine interest in this field.

Film making

This is another amazing specialization of the course this is one the most famous specializations of this course, you will get the knowledge about the filmmaking areas. In this field, you will be trained for many interesting fields that you have watched and heard about them on television.

You will be glad to know this is the field in which you will learn about how the director chooses a script and work on a script. Although we can say by this field you can be a film maker. This specialization is famous among the person you want to enter the film industry.

Therefore, this field can be the candidates who:

•          Entrants who have the zeal to enter the film industry by directing the films.


Camera handling and Lighting

As we discuss above the best specialization of the BJMC course, is another best specialization of the course which is Camera holding and Lighting. When you watch a movie in 3D with amazing lights or in any way you feel amazing generally you said amazing picture quality.

You will feel excited to know this is all because of the camera person who is responsible for that. Under this specialization, you will get knowledge about camera usage and who to handle it.

Some technical knowledge for the lighting that is necessary for the shooting will be imparted in this field.

Therefore, this is the best specialization for the candidates who:

•          Students who have an honest interest in Camera Handling and Lighting.

•          Candidates who want to enter the film industry.

•          Candidates who can do camera handling jobs.  

Sound Editing

This is another specialization that is opted by most of the candidates. Many students choose this specialization because they have a genuine interest in this field. In this field, you will get a piece of complete knowledge about sound editing that plays a very important role today.

You will learn how to make perfect sounds in live shows, live news, videos, etc.

Therefore, these are the best specializations for the candidates who have the following qualities. 

Candidates who are interested in learning sound editing and have genuine sound editing.

Is BJMC right for you?

Although the career choice is very personal and depends on an individual’s preference, let us try to understand if the BJMC program is indeed a right fit for you.


Is BJMC a part of our world?

We can say it for yes…..

The work after completing your BJMC course influences the way people learn, relax, live and work. You can choose any profession as per your interest for example Feature Writer, Photojournalist, Public Relations Officer, Freelance writer, Video Jockey (VJ), Radio Jockey (RJ), Illustrator, News analyst, or Journalist all the professions are unique in their way and are the part of our world.

Is BJMC an exciting profile?

We can say it for yes…..

After completing your BJMC program candidates can choose an active and ever-growing list of jobs and roles as they want.

Best BJMC College in India

When you choose a course for your study program, you have again a challenge to choose the best college for your desired program. For choosing a college you will need to research it by which you can get a Best BJMC College in India. In this article, we will discuss the IIMT Group of Colleges.

IIMT Group of Colleges

IIMT Group of Colleges is located in Greater Noida in the state of Uttar Pradesh at knowledge Park III, plot no. 20-A. The institute is well-known for its education standards with a vision to provide quality education for producing competent professionals.

IIMT Group of Colleges wants to produce highly qualified people who can use their skills to make human lives easier and modern.

IIMT Group of Colleges is moving to the growth path in the field of education since its inception which was in the year 1994. IIMT Group of Colleges has now become one of the best institutions. It is a private institute that is awarded much time for its education standards.


Awards and recognition

The institute is affiliated with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow, and is approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). It is also accredited by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council), NBA (National Board of Accreditation), PCI (Pharmacy Council of India), and BCI (Bar Council of India).

Before moving to the BJMC course at IIMT Group of colleges, let’s understand the highlights of the colleges.

College IIMT Group of College
Location Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Accredited to NAAC, NBA, PCI, BCI
Approved by AICTE
Courses offered UG, PG, Diploma Course
Admission Criteria Merit-based and Entrance
Contact number 7409936999
Official Website

Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communicatio at IIMT Group of College:

IIMT Group of colleges offers a wide range of courses to the students for under graduation, Post-graduation, and diploma and research programs. The department in IIMT Group of Colleges for journalism & mass communication programs qualified and experienced faculty which are responsible to produce the best who will lead the industry in future.

The Course BJMC in IIMT Group of Colleges has affiliated with Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut. It is a three-year full-time program. At the institute, the BJMC department has well-developed and qualified faculty who are responsible to nurture their students’ fix and for achieving their goals.

Apart from the course curriculum, IIMT Group of Colleges takes its students one step ahead. Its well-equipped TV and Radio studios provide practical knowledge of the field to its students. It prepares and nurtures the students according to the requirement of the media or corporate communication industry.

The Department of IIMT runs its own web news channel and the national news portal which is IIMT NEWS which provides a unique opportunity for students to get real work experience in the real news world while studying.

With the hard work and innovative pedagogy of learning and teaching BJMC course has given numerously dedicated and excellent professionals like editors anchors, filmmakers, reporters,  actors, producers, photojournalists, copywriters, radio jockeys, event managers, public relations personnel, advertising professionals to media and mass communication world.


By having the situational advantage of being located in the best place which is the heart of Knowledge Park, Greater Noida, the college holds a fortunate position amongst the top colleges of the country. By reading the above-mentioned details about the college you can understand why IIMT Group of colleges is the Best BJMC College in India.

Eligibility for Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communicatio

When you have already chosen a course for making your career in that field. Before choosing you must the eligibility of the course. Candidates must meet the following eligibility for applying to the BJMC program at IIMT Group of Colleges.

BJMC | BJMC Admission 2023

•          Candidates must have passed 10+2 from a recognized board.

•          Candidates must have a minimum of 45% marks aggregate in Class 10th and 12th or equivalent.

Mode of Admission

For admission to BMJC at IIMT Group of Colleges students will need to visit the official website of the college.

Candidates can apply online or can directly visit the campus for admission.

Other than BJMC, IIMT Group of Colleges offers a wide range of colleges some of them are given below.

B.Tech. (Bachelor of Technology)

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)

B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)

M.Com (Master of Commerce)

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

BA LL.B (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law)

If you want to complete your BJMC course from the best organization through which you can achieve your goals, IIMT Group of Colleges can be the best option for you. IIMT Group of Colleges is the Best BJMC College in India.

BJMC Eligibility Criteria 2022

Where to Do Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communicatio?

Choosing a college for your desired program is not an easy task maybe it seems like an easy task but it’s not. When you are doing research for a college for your desired course you should check the below points before choosing a college.

When you choose BJMC as your desired course you shouldn’t forget to check the given point before choosing your college.

While seeking admission to any college for your desired program, you will need to evaluate colleges’ criteria as follows-

•          Ranks of the colleges

•          Fees

•          Placement Record

•          Number of Seats

•          Infrastructure

•          Faculty

Choosing a stream

Before selecting any college you should decide on a specialization for your desired program. We have discussed above some of the specializations of BJMC that are electronic media, camera handling and lightening, print media, film making, and sound editing.

Suppose if you select a college and the specialization in which you want to pursue your desired program is not available in that college. This will be a wrong choice, so, we advise you to check a stream first before selecting any college.

Categorizing the college

Before applying to any college you should categorize the college as per your choices. You can categorize the college in first, second, third groups, which denotes the top-notch colleges that are difficult to get in, above average or good college, and the third for average colleges.

Markdown your criteria

Before applying to any college you can develop a list as per your criteria such as…

Degree offered

Location (rural or urban)

Distance from your home

Government or private


Cost (tuition, room)

Financial aid or scholarships

Campus resources (labs, libraries, computer access)

Placement and internships

Class size

Reputation/Classes/ Quality

Social life (dance/music/sports clubs, college spirit, organizations)

Qualification of the faculty member of the college and past performance of the department

College ranks

If you want admission to the finest college then you will need to check colleges’ rankings before applying.


Before choosing a college, you should check the infrastructure of the college also. For this, you should visit the college campus and then can apply.

Number of Seats

To check the number of seats, before applying to any college is very important when you have decided on the course, college, location but if the number of vacant seats is less and you are not sure as per your score or it seems difficult to admission there then you should try to somewhere else without giving more time to that college.

Fee structure 

This is again a very important step to be taken before applying anywhere, you will need to be sure carefully that the fee structure of that college is as per your budget to rephrase it you have enough amount for paying the fee or not.

If you feel that the fee structure of the college is too high then you should apply somewhere else also. You can apply for the course in IIMT Group of Colleges that have a reasonable fee structure for the students.

Placement record

If you want to complete your desired course to enter the private or corporate sector and have an aim to get a good job after the completion of the course. Before applying to any college, it is necessary to check the placement record of the college and to check how many and which kind of companies visited the college every year for selecting the fresher.

Rankings of the college

Rankings are ranks that are given to colleges for their academic excellence and placement records also. By the rankings, you can understand the academic standards of the college and can go for it.

By the above-mentioned points, we hope you get the answer to the questions; where do to BJMC. Well, move to the next topic which is BJMC College in Greater Noida.

BJMC College in Greater Noida/Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication College in Noida 

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is a course for students who want to make their career in the field of media and filmmaking.

If you are seeking a college in Delhi NCR or Noida region for your desired program which is BJMC, you will glad to know that there is a wide range of colleges in the Noida region for the BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication) course.

In India, the basic fee of the Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication program is about INR 50000 to INR 500000 annually but in IIMT Group of Colleges is only about INR 63000.

So, if you are seeking a college or you are seeking the best BJMC College in Greater Noida with a reasonable fee structure with excellent education standards IIMT Group of colleges can be the best option for you.

Noida is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, this city is the actual education hub of the state or in the Delhi NCR. Students from all over the country as well as from other countries come to the country for gaining knowledge and for completing their desired program.

In this region, you will find a variety of colleges or universities for the BJMC program with high-quality education standards and experienced faculty members. IIMT Group of colleges is one of them with excellent education standards and highly qualified faculty.

Take a look at the IIMT Group of Colleges

IIMT Group of Colleges

The institute is famously known for its education standards since 1994. In the year 1994, the institute has established with limited courses but now this offers a variety of courses to the students. IIMT Group of Colleges offers BJMC courses in many specializations. BJMC at IIMT is a 3-year full-time program that is affiliated with Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut.

Students from IIMT who passed this course got placed in many fields such as public relations, reporter, filmmaking, photographing, editing, and writing fields also. As BJMC is a course of a modern or new era, the institute has its own well-developed TV and radio studio by which students can get practical knowledge also.

It also has its own web national news portal (news channel) that is giving many opportunities to the students. This is a realistic program by which students can feel how the real world works. This is possible at on platform that is IIMT Group of Colleges.

Best Journalism Course & College

When you decided on a course for you should check the course syllabus, selection criteria, and responsibilities after completion of the course, etc. and the most important is this program is right for you, in this article we will discuss the Best journalism Course & College.

Do you love writing for yourself or others? Have you always been charmed by the magazine or news industry? Do you really have an interest in news reporting? You can consider pursuing a journalism course after passing your 12th?

BJMC Course

Well if you have interested in the above-mentioned points but are still confused to choose the best journalism course and college, in this blog, we will provide you the information regarding the options which you have for choosing a journalism course.

Top Journalism Courses after 12th
  • Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication- 3-year program
  • Bachelor of Journalism- 3-year program
  • BA in Journalism- 3-year program
  • BA in Mass Media- 3-year program
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sports Journalism- 3-year program
  • BA Journalism and Mass Communication- 3-year program
  • BA in Mass Media- 3 to 5-year program

Some other courses with specified specializations are given below:

  • BA (Hons) Journalism and Publishing- 3-year program
  • BA (Hons) Cultural Studies and Media with Journalism- 3-year program
  • BA (Hons) Magazine Journalism- 3-year program
  • BA Journalism, Film and Television Studies- 3-year program
  • BA (Hons) Photojournalism-3-year program
  • BSc Media Communication and Journalism- 3-year program

Some other diploma courses in Journalism are:

  • Diploma in Creative Multimedia and Journalism- 2-year program
  • Diploma in Documentary Photography- 2-year program
  • Diploma in Photojournalism- 2-year program
  • Diploma in Creative Media Production (Broadcast Journalism) – 2-year program
  • Diploma in Journalism- 2-year program

Why should do BJMC Course?

Express your thoughts liberally

A media field is a field that allows you to express thoughts among the masses. If you are truly interested in researching social, political, and economic issues and want to communicate the same to the people, the BJMC is the right course for you.

Well-paid Salary Packages

This glamorous field offers you attractive packages by which you can live as you want. You can earn a heavy amount after completing the BJMC Course.

Varied Number of Opportunities your way

Once you complete the Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication Course, you will have a wide number of opportunities your way. The media field is a vast field and offers a variety of roles like photojournalist, food journalist, journalist, featured or freelance content writer, TV Correspondent, Radio Jockey, and much more.

Interesting and challenging profession

It is a challenging profession also. In this you may be required to travel to various places, to interview the people, research facts, and for developing public relations, report and edit the content as per requirement.

Creativity at the best

You can pen down your thoughts with your permission and also have the opportunity to communicate them freely.

International Exposure

After doing the Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication Course you can avail of jobs in the country and abroad as well.

Opportunity to meet New Persons

The media profession is full of surprises and challenges. After completing your BJMC program, you will have the opportunity to meet new people and can expand your network. As networking is very important these days. You will meet new faces on a daily basis by which your social life can be a big boost by this profession.

Get to enjoy

The Media field is not a boring field as it has a lot of entertainment. You will get to enjoy it a lot if you love to be in this profession.

No experience or less Experience

Just after pursuing the course, you will have a lot of coming opportunities in your way. You do not require too much experience for establishing yourself in this field.

Eligibility for a journalism course

There are numerous universities that have their own entrance exam for journalism courses such as IPU CET, IIMC entrance exam. Here is the general eligibility for the Journalism course after the 12th.

•          Candidates must have completed Class 12th in any discipline such as commerce, arts, or science from a recognized board.

•          In our country, many universities have their own entrance exams for journalism courses you must qualify for admission to journalism courses.

•          If you are doing preparation to study abroad, you will be obligated to provide English language proficiency scores like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

•          You must have at least 50% marks in 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized board.

We hope by the above-mentioned points you can choose the Best Journalism Course & College for your study program. This article is regarding the BJMC course in India so, we will discuss BJMC course and its opportunities and career option

Before moving to that, let’s understand the BJMC entrance exams

A Quick Glimpse at the Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication Entrance Exams

The colleges for BJMC courses around the nation conduct their own entrance exams as a form of separation for choosing the aspirants to which they want to give admission.

Meanwhile, the entrance exams for a course play an important role in the admission process of the candidates, it is an essential step for the aspirants to make sure that they research the pattern. The given-below are the general guidelines and the pattern of Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication entrance exams:

The total time allotted for the entrance examination is 90 minutes

There are a total of 100 questions.

The different topics for the exams considered are Logical Reasoning, English language & Comprehension, General Awareness, and Media Aptitude.

Total number of questions will be asked for English language and Comprehension- 25 questions

Total number of questions will be asked for Logical Reasoning- 25 questions

Total number of questions will be asked for General Awareness- 25 questions

Total number of questions will be asked for Media Aptitude- 15 questions

Some colleges or universities in India offers direct admission option for the students, to rephrase it you can get direct admission in IIMT group of colleges at the BJMC program.

It also gives the facilities to its students for great internship opportunities in the well-reputed industries such as India TV and News 18 and it has a good placement record of the students. By the given information we hope you will get the best Journalism course and college for your study program.

Now take a look to types of BJMC Course
Full-Time BJMC

•          BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication) is a 3-year full-time program after the completion of the 12th class.

•          Most of the students choose to pursue the course as a 3-year full-time program.

•          For the full-time BJMC course admission is done on the basis of entrance exam or merit-based, this will depend on the college or university in which you are going to take the admission.

•          The average fee structure of the course is INR 50000 to INR 500000.

Distance BJMC

BJMC course as a Distance course is quite rare in India. As Distance courses are considered as a niche education segment some of the colleges in the country offer BJMC as a distance course also.

The duration of Distance BJMC is 1- 3 years

The admission to this course is provided on the basis of the merit list.

The average fee for the course is INR 10000 to INR 40000.

Now you have decided on a course, a college, and the specialization also now the time to move forward to the syllabus of the course that is given below.

BJMC syllabus

Year 1
Semester 1

Writing of media

Indian Social System

Introduction to Journalism (Reporting, Writing & Editing) + Practical

Communicative Hindi

Communication Lab

Semester 2

Theory of Communication

State politics and Constitution

Application of Computer in Media

Role of Social Sciences in Mass-Communication

Year 2
Semester 3

Media Management

Folk Media

Print Journalism Lab

Media laws and ethics

Semester 4

Design and Graphics

National and International Affairs

Development and communication

Fundamental of Economics and Economy

Year 3
Semester 5

Radio Journalism

Value Education

Tribal study

Television Journalism

Semester 6

Writing for Radio & TV

Mass – Media & Contemporary Social Issues

Study Tour

Tribal Communication

Communication Research

Introduction to Public Research

Internship report

Benefits of Journalism Studies-BJMC

When you choose a course for your study program you research for the benefits of the course to which you’re going to give your next 2-5 years as per the course. If you are seeking the benefits of Journalism studies-BJMC we will discuss that in this article.

Journalism and Mass Communication is a course that is most opted by the candidates these days. As there is massive competition in the market. So, you should choose a course for yourself that is unique in itself and has many opportunities in which you can make your career but always remember you should always choose a course in which you are interested and can give your best to gain the best knowledge about that. BJMC program is especially motivating youths as they choose to work in a profession that is unique in itself and they want their extraordinary working technique.

If you are in this field (journalism) then there is an extra benefit to your skills. For this, you have to be adventurous, curious, and a quick thinker to become successful in the future.

Therefore, if you are completing BJMC (Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication) then you have to focus on some topics like editing, journalism, writing skills, advertising, public relations, and event management. If you have been confused about the advantages of the BJMC course, you will definitely get clear after reading the below-mentioned points.

You will get a high remuneration- as the course Mass communication is the course of the new digital era. After completing this course you may get the opportunities to go to the news world that includes News channels, Radio, or newspapers. In this sector, you will be provided lucrative jobs with good packages.

This course is not limited to journalism only, the world of Advertising and Event Management also welcomes you after the completion of this course. You can also find freelance jobs after this course where your creativity will earn for you.

Communication skill

It is the best benefit of the course that your communication skills will be improved after the completion of the course. It is the course in which you have to express your opinions and feelings to people, this will definitely boost up your confidence level and will help you.

In public relations, you will have to manage or handle the common people and also the media agencies. So, it is important to know how to deal with people with good communication skills.

We can say that in this field you will definitely enhance your confidence level, vocabulary and communication skills.         

Previous experience is not required

You haven’t the subjects like journalism and mass communication in your school days. So, for this, there is no need for previous experiences as required in another stream like science, commerce or literature, and language.

You can start fresh this course in your graduation or even after graduation and can also do a diploma in mass communication without a graduation degree in this field. This area is open to everyone who is from any stream like science, commerce, language, arts, management, etc. If you have the skills or ability then you can opt for mass communication.

Your creativity gets increased

When you research for a study program to enhance your creativity, you will find several creative fields and mass communication is one of them. This program will definitely help you in enhancing your creative power.

This field is full of creativity such as filmmaking, editing, and for all of these, you will have to be creative, if you are writing content in any commercial then you should use your creative mind while writing with catchy dialogues. For this, you will need to think imaginatively.

So, it is important to go to hard work, diligence, and to do creative efforts to be successful in your plan. This will additionally improve your thinking power.

New challenges and exciting projects

Journalism and Mass communication is a field that is full of challenges as well as enthusiasm. In this field, you will face new challenges that will be the reason for improving yourself. This will be very exciting also as you can watch the live incident and even be challenging when you have to give the report of that, what you have detected there.

New challenges always improve you like when suddenly a piece of breaking news comes then you will have to cover that immediately. Sometimes you get rid of all the challenges but it will definitely teach you something in your life. Also, it means the challenges can give you a different feeling like interviewing your favorite celebrity.

You can maintain a splendid social life

BJMC is the field that provides you with a bundle of benefits. Well, time to discuss another benefit of pursuing a bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass communication is this course will strengthen your social life.

For example… in public relations, you will learn how to maintain good relations with the public. This can be possible by utilizing this in your friend circle, family, and office. In this field, you can make your social life better and

In this field, you will make the relation with the public and this will help you for making a splendid social life which is helpful in all steps of life.

Through this field you are examining the people, interviewing people, meeting a new community, inscribing about people, and many more. Therefore, it encourages you to be socially prepared.

You will be up to date with the lots of news and applications

The media field is all about fresh news and reporting, so, if you are pursuing a course in this field then you need to keep yourself up to date. Similarly, while writing you will need to know what is happening around you and in the world, this will help you to be up to date by the latest happenings and news all around.

The above-given information will help you in choosing a study program. In the above, we discussed the Benefits of Journalism Studies-BJMC. Now moving forward with the new topic that is a career after BJMC course.

Career After BJMC Course

Before choosing any course candidates want to check the options or careers after the course. After the completion of your Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication course from any college or university, you will have a vast choice of career choices in diverse fields. The various roles after completing the course are…

Job Profiles (career after BJMC course)

  • Feature Writer
  • Photojournalist
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Freelance writer
  • Video Jockey (VJ)
  • Radio Jockey (RJ)
  • Illustrator
  • News analyst
  • Journalist
  • Fashion photographer
  • TV Correspondent
  • Columnist or Reporter
  • Proof-reader
  • Translator
  • Screenwriter

Besides the above-given jobs, the media field will offer you various engaging jobs such as

  • Interviewing the public in case of happenings or incidents.
  • Developing public relations
  • Investigating the facts and gathering the information.
  • Editing, reporting, and publishing different content.
Employment areas after BJMC
  • Photography Companies
  • Radio Telecasting Companies
  • News Agencies
  • Circulation & Public Relations
  • All India Radio
  • Publishing house
  • Content writing agencies
  • Print Media Newspaper, magazines etc.
  • TV Channels
  • Journals
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Journals/blogger

Now we will discuss the career options after a bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication in detail.

Journalist/ Reporter/ Columnist:

These people are generally freelancers or self-employed. After completing your BJMC course you can be a journalist, reporter, or columnist.

A columnist is a person who is a regular writer of a column or for publication in a series, this person is responsible for creating an article that usually offers commentary and opinions. A journalist is a person who writes for newspapers, magazines, etc. A reporter is a person who reports for the news and events and conducts interviews.

Public Relations Officer/ Specialist

The job of these people is to serve as a link between the employer and the general population. Public Relations Officer/Specialists build strong bonds with their customers and want to keep them for a long. These officers are called the organization’s public faces.

Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication

Radio Jockey

Radio Jockey is a dream job of many aspirants. The job of these people is to deliver messages through songs. A radio jockey is a person who hosts a talk show on the radio and is responsible to deliver messages through songs. They amuse people by playing music, discussing their opinions, and broadcasting on the radio. Radio Jockey also provides news and the latest happenings to the people.


These persons are responsible for creating blogs and articles for magazines or brochures on the basis of the photographs they have taken. As they use photographs to convey anything that is why known as photojournalists. These people either work for themselves or for well-known companies.

News Analyst

Analyst of the news is responsible for producing and publishing news on a variety of media platforms like digital media platforms, print media, etc. These people collect data from news feeds, conduct interviews, make movies, and so on.


Illustrators are the person who has the ability of visual artists. They utilize their imagination for producing unique graphics for a variety of digital products. They collaborate closely with clients and create pictures for their magazines, advertisement, books, etc. If you are good in this field or you love to create pictures, illustrations this profession is the best option for you.

Content Writer

As the new digital era, a content writing job has become a dream job for many candidates. If you love writing or want to make a career through writing then the content writing job is best for you.

The job of these people is to develop print and digital content for businesses that give the information or the highlights of the company’s products or services. Content writers research the material which they need to produce or product descriptions for creating content that accurately matches company ideals.

BJMC Recruiting Companies

Top leading recruiting companies are for BJMC candidates are:

  • Star India
  • NDTV
  • Pioneer
  • Times of India
  • ZEE TV
  • India TV
  • Indian Express
  • India Today
  • The Hindu
  • BBC
  • Hindustan Times Group
  • AIR
  • Outlook
  • BalaJi Telefilms
  • Doordarshan
  • Guardian
  • CNBC
  • Viacom
  • ABC News

The above-mentioned roles are some of the options just after completing the BJMC course, apart from the above some of the other options after the completion of the Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication course are given below:

Go for further studies

If you have completed a bachelor’s degree program in the field of journalism and mass communication you can go for further studies and also have many options for making your career. If you want to go for further studies, the most popular choices of education post completing the Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication degree are as follows.

  • MA in Journalism
  • Master of Communication and Journalism
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • MA in Mass communication and Journalism
  • MSC. In Mass Communication
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media
  • PH.D in Media studies
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Journalism
  • Post Graduate Diploma in advertising and marketing 

MA in Journalism

MA in Journalism is a 2-year full-time postgraduate course, which allows the candidates to get strategic communication skills, industrial competence, and a great standard of editing and writing skills during the program. The course allows the candidates to get jobs in different profiles like writers, media consultants, editors, and many more.

Master of Communication and Journalism

Master of Communication and Journalism is a 2-year post-graduation program, which can be pursued by the candidates of the BMM course. The course allows the students to secure positions in diverse media platforms like Magazines and Journals, TV channels, websites, Radio Telecasting Agencies, and others. 

Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication

Post-Graduation Diploma in Mass Communication is mainly a 1-2 year PG course in India. It can be pursued by the BMM candidates after the completion of their course. The Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication has been intended specifically to train the students in various features of journalism such as audio-visual production, advertising, public relations, and much more.

BJMC Job Responsibilities

There are some key job responsibilities that every journalist needs to fulfill, such as:

  • You must need to gather and interpretation of data.
  • On researching the popular and latest topics to discover interesting and important news.
  • Interviewing people from various fields including celebrities, key figures, victims, witnesses, sources, etc. for gathering more information.
  • To write professional articles for the people.
  • Being present at the scene and obtaining immediate information for the people.
  • Keeping the moral code of Journalism as a profession.
  • Keeping yourself up to date with the latest events, happenings and keeping the path of further developments.

BJMC scholarships

A scholarship is something that a lot of students look into when they go to university or college for their study program. All universities offer financial support to their students this financial support is called scholarships.

Scholarships are the financial aid or support that is awarded to the students on the basis of academic achievement. Scholarships are provided to the students in many ways, sometimes a scholarship is a one-time check, and sometimes it is provided to the students in each semester.

There is various type of scholarships provided to the students the most two common are need-based and the second is merit-based. The donor or the department who is responsible to provide the scholarships to the students sets the criteria for selection.

Scholarships are usually come from independent third parties, while the universities do offer them too for the students, this means the universities and the third parties that provide the scholarships are free to draw up their own criteria for qualification.

Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication

Some of the types of scholarships are given below.

Need-based scholarships

This type of scholarship is mainly provided to those students whose family income is very low and for those who do not have enough funds for their education in any way.

Though considering candidates for such scholarships, the providers mainly check their academic performance. It is provided to only those students whose family income does not exceed a certain limit and those who are considered for the need-based scholarships programs.

Merit-Based Scholarships

This type of scholarship is provided to those students who are academically meritorious. It is the most common scholarship provided to students on the basis of their academic performance.


These types of scholarships are offered by colleges and universities to highly qualified applicants. These scholarships are given on the basis of the academic or personal achievements of the candidates.


The athletic or sports scholarships are awarded to students who have brilliant skills in a sport. This type of scholarship will be available for those students who play the sport for college or institutions. The students interested in sports can attend the college or institute and play sports in the team of the college.  

How to find a scholarship

  • For applying to the scholarships first of all you should visit the official websites of the universities in which you are interested and need to check what scholarships they offer to their students.
  • It is not advisable to choose a college or a course purely on the basis of what financial help is available but you should choose it on the basis of your interest. It could be a deciding factor when you choose to make your final decision.
  • You can fill in the scholarship form with all the required details and can submit it to the college campus if required.

Criteria and prizes for BJMC course at IIMT Group of Colleges

  • Scholarship for Topper of the University (Final Year): INR 50000
  • Scholarship for Course Topper (First and Second Year): Foreign Trip


  • Scholarship for Branch Topper-1st (First and Second Year): INR 15000
  • Scholarship for Branch Topper-2nd (First and Second Year): INR 10000
  • Scholarship for Branch Topper-3rd (First and Second Year): INR 5000

BJMC Admission 2022

The admissions at BJMC are done on the basis of merit lists or through entrance examinations. In some cases, universities or colleges take a successive group discussion or personal interview of the candidates after the completion of the entrance examination. Most universities or colleges conduct their own entrance exams for the selection of candidates for the BJMC course. The following are the details of the BJMC admission process.


The eligibility criteria for the admissions at BJMC differs slightly from one college to another, however, in this article we will discuss the basic eligibility criteria which remain the same for all the institutions.

  • The candidates should have passed 10+2 with a minimum aggregate 50% score from a recognized board or university. In the case of the reserved categories such as SC/ST, the candidates are offered a relaxation of 5 percentage means 45% marks are required.
  • The minimum age of the aspirant for the course should be 17 years.
  • The candidates who are appearing for the final examination are also eligible to apply.

BJMC Admission 2023


The admissions are done on the basis of the entrance examination or merit list. The entrance examinations for the course are conducted by the national agencies or by the universities or colleges individually. The admission at BJMC would start in full steam once the board marks are declared.

Given below are the main points that you must be kept in mind before applying for the BJMC Course:

Step 1: You must visit the official website of the university or the college where you want to take admission and will need to check the eligibility criteria and the entrance exam details.

Step 2: You must visit the official website of the university and will need to check the entrance examination conducting bodies, after this, you will need to fill up the required form and upload the required documents in the correct format.

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Step 3: You will need to submit your details in the application form like your scorecard of secondary and higher secondary classes, your caste certificate if you are availing for reserved seats, your scanned recent photographs, and the signature in the prescribed dimension, and identical relevant details.

Step 4: You will have to either appear for the Entrance exams or will need to wait for the merit list to be released by the college or the university.

Step 5: Once the entrance examination will complete, the university or the agency will be released the merit list of qualified candidates.

Step 6: If your college selects the candidates on the basis of the GD and PI round then you will need to sit for another round of group discussion or personal interview.

Step 7: If you qualify then you can complete the admission process by paying the admission fees through online mode.

Document required

•          Candidate’s Class 10th mark sheet and certificate

•          Candidate’s Class 12th mark sheet and certificate 

•          Candidate’s Entrance Exam scorecard

•          Passport-size photograph of the candidate 

•          PWD certificate (if applicable)

•          Migration certificate (if require)

•          Identity proof

•          Address Proof

•          Gap Certificate (If applicable)

Why Choose IIMT Group of Colleges for BJMC Course

Choosing a college or university for your desired program is not an easy task. In this article, we discussed the BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication) course. If you are seeking a college for your study program that has excellent education standards and supportive faculties, IIMT Group of Colleges can be the best option for you.

The college is located in a prime location in Greater Noida in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It offers a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and research programs. The institute offers a unique and result-oriented program to the students. There are 14 institutes under the IIMT Group of colleges.

  • Institutes under IIMT Group of Colleges
  • IIMT College of Engineering, Greater Noida
  • IIMT College of Management, Greater Noida
  • IIMT College of Polytechnic, Greater Noida
  • IIMT College of Pharmacy, Greater Noida
  • IIMT College of Law, Greater Noida
  • IIMT College of Science & Technology, Greater Noida
  • IIMT Starz, Meerut
  • IIMT Academy, Meerut
  • Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College, Meerut
  • IIMT Boarding School, Meerut
  • IIMT Life Line Hospital, Meerut
  • Institute of Teacher’s Education, Meerut
  • IIMT University, Meerut
  • IIMT Engineering College, Meerut

The institute is famously known for its best education standards and highly qualified faculty. The institute is famous for producing the best leaders in different fields.

As this is a private institution but wants to give the best knowledge to all the students of all categories, for this, the institute offers a reasonable fee structure and besides this, it also provides financial Aids to its students.

Choosing a study program is not an easy task you should check to yourself in which field you are interested in making your career.

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is a discipline of Media and Writing. It is a course for under graduation which provides you the opportunities to work in new opportunities, new channels, television, radio, and internet and can earn a healthy remuneration by this profession.

If you are eager to take the challenges and want to communicate to the people of the world with your creativity and interest, this program can be the best option for you.

Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication

When you chose a career in BJMC as your core program you will face again a challenge that is for selecting a college for your desired program.

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Before choosing a college or university you should check carefully all the details of the particular college such as Eligibility, location, admission criteria, selection process, cut-offs, scholarships and financial aids, Placement record, etc.

It is very important to check all the details of the college because you are going to give your 3-4 years to the college for completing your program. You have a dream to make your best career after gaining the knowledge from your chosen college that is why choosing the best college for your desired program is not an easy task.

We hope positively, the above-given information regarding the Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication Program will help you to choose your career option and also for choosing the best college for your desired program.

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